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Review on Benefits and demand of AWS certification in Current time

When someone wants to determine the worth of anything, he explores the advantages it provides. If the evaluation of AWS depends upon having more job opportunities with high pay ranges, then no doubt AWS Certifications are worth it. Not only the high-salary jobs but AWS Certifications also offer a range of benefits.

Why AWS Certifications are so popular in the present time?

1. Certifications are a need

The modern world is the eon of certifications. IT certifications are the only way to prove your expertise in a field. One can demonstrate one’s skills and can comprehend different tools, applications, and platforms while earning a certification. Amazon certifications ensure that a professional has in-depth knowledge of the industry in which he is working. AWS Certifications can exhibit your knowledge and experience in a specific sector.

2. Cloud Computing is the future of Businesses

Taking into note the speed at which cloud computing is spreading, it can be seen that it is not going to stop or slow down. The affordable, advanced, and fast features of cloud technology are making it dominant over other conventional ways of working. Research has predicted that in the coming future, companies that don’t use cloud infrastructures will come to an end. Getting cloud certifications, such as AWS Certifications, will be the best way to excel in your career in the present as well as future.

3. Gaining Knowledge and Skills

AWS certifications help you get new expertise. Preparing for an AWS certification is not an easy task. Everyone needs to study hard, understand each topic, practice different tools, and learn new skills supposing to get certified. Moreover, AWS certifications are not valid for a lifetime. So, you need to maintain your certification considering recertification. This recertification keeps you up to date with modern skills and technologies. To conclude, AWS Certifications help you get more knowledge and experience.

4. Market Demand

It is noticed that employers who seek individuals with cloud computing skills go for candidates with certifications. The companies require certifications in addition to your experience and skills. There are more chances of getting hired if you have a certification in your field from a reputable platform like Amazon Web Services. Furthermore, if you attain an Amazon cloud certification, it makes you different and exclusive from the candidates who applied for the same role. While being a certified candidate, you do not need proof of your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

5. Career Growth

Getting a certification, especially AWS Cloud computing certifications, will highlight you even in the company you are already working for. In addition, earning more certifications, such as an AWS DevOps Certification after AWS Developer Associate certification, will lead to your promotion and better career opportunities. In short, Amazon Web Services Certifications can help you excel in a competitive environment.

6. Enhance your freelance career

As a freelancer, AWS certifications are a magic tool for your success. No doubt, informational technology is a vast field of opportunities for freelancers, and hiring a certified professional is the preference of every company. Whether you are going to work for a company or a person, your certification will be proof of your skills and expertise. Being certified will help you bid for new projects and better earnings.

7. Advancement of the company

If a business or a company has certified AWS professionals, it can become a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN). The company helping its employees to get AWS Certifications can have discounts on training. The APN can distinguish your company from others in front of clients. Moreover, your company can land on projects based on AWS Cloud Computing.

8. Better Salary

AWS provides globally recognized top certifications. A cloud computing certification from AWS can boost your salary and brings more opportunities for you. The average salary for Certified AWS professionals last year is as follows.


Average Salary

AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Professional


AWS Certified DevOps Engineer- Professional


AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate


AWS Certified SysOps Administrator-Associate


AWS Certified Developer- Associate


9. Job Opportunities for AWS Certified Professionals

The sector of cloud computing will continue to expand with new employment options in the future. If you are an AWS Certified Professional or planning to gain a certification, you can get the following job opportunities. 

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Developer
  • Cloud System Administrator
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer
  • Cloud Security Engineer
  • Cloud Network Engineer
  • Cloud Data Architect
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Cloud Software Engineer
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A brief Introduction to Amazon Web Series (AWS)

Amazon Web Services facilitate you to utilize many services to develop and maintain sustainable applications for featuring your businesses. AWS cloud computing solutions are promoting the multi-cloud world in the same way empowered USA’s retail market globally. It offers a vast range of cloud computing services with reasonable pricing and better quality than others.

Steps To start up your journey of AWS certifications 

AWS has grouped its certifications into four categories. Every group of certifications has its specific experience requirement. These categories are as follows:

1. Foundational Level

It requires at least six months of experience in the fundamentals of AWS Cloud. The category includes

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

AWS-Certified Cloud PractitionThe certified AWS cloud practitioners have knowledge and skills of

  • Fundamentals of AWS architectural foundation.
  • AWS services that are mostly used
  • AWS compliance and security standards.
  • Basic deployment and operating principles.

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2. Associate Level

This category consists of three certifications. The candidate for these certifications should have a minimum of one year of experience in problem-solving and solutions-implementing with AWS Cloud.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate

AWS-Certified-Solutions-Architect-AssociateAs an Associate AWS Solutions Architect exam you should know of:

  • Network technologies and their use in AWS.
  • Building safe and reliable applications in AWS.
  • Inner functioning of AWS applications and how customers interact with AWS.
  • Hybrid systems deployment.
  • Scalable systems designing.
  • Techniques and strategies of disaster recovery.
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AWS Certified Developer- Associate

AWS-Certified-Developer-AssociateAn AWS developers have the following skills and knowledge

  • Comprehending the basic architecture and services utilized in AWS.
  • Skills to develop, deploy, design, and maintain apps.
  • Knowledge of using AWS services such as AWS databases, Storage services, and change management services.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator-Associate

AWS-Certified-SysOps-Administrator-AssociateAs a certified SysOps Administrator has the ability in:

  • Deploying AWS applications.
  • Receiving, sending, and using data in AWS
  • Comprehending how to select the best applications and services for your company.
  • Securing, managing, and preparing systems in the AWS domain.

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3. Professional Level

Two AWS certifications are part of this category. One should have at least 2-years of experience in designing, operating, and troubleshooting solutions in AWS Cloud.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Professional

AWS-Certified-Solutions-Architect-Professional_The professionals of AWS Solutions Architect possess skills in:

  • Amazon’s methodologies for architecting and designing applications on AWS.
  • Knowledge of Cost Optimization Strategies.
  • Maintenance and migration of complex application systems to AWS.
  • Knowledge of services required to use a specific AWS application.

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AWS Certified DevOps Engineer- Professional

AWS-Certified-DevOps-Engineer-ProfessionalThe Professional AWS DevOps Engineer knows:

  • CD systems Implementation.
  • Setting up, logging, and monitoring systems with AWS.
  • CD methodologies and best practices introduction.
  • Managing and designing tools to automate production operations.
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4. Specialty Level

Some self-supporting credentials can’t be added to any previous domain. These certifications have their particular requirements. These Certifications are

AWS Certified Advanced Networking

AWS-Certified-Advanced-Networking-SpecialtyIt includes

  • Optimization and troubleshooting of networks
  • Compliance and security in network design and implementation.
  • Designing, developing, and deploying cloud solutions in AWS systems.
  • Maintenance and development of automation solutions.

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AWS Certified Data Analytics

AWS-Certified-Data-Analytics-SpecialtyThe candidate should have skills in:

  • Designing, monitoring, and maintaining a large amount of data.
  • Understanding of Automation tools for data analysis.
  • Data handling security practices.

AWS Certified Database

AWS-Certified-Database-Specialty_To get this certification, you should know of:


  • Database Design and Optimization.
  • Deployment Migration.
  • Operations and Management.
  • Database Sanitization.
  • Security Practices.
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4. AWS Certified Machine Learning

AWS-Certified-Machine-Learning-SpecialtyA certified AWS Machine Learning has the skills of:

  • Selecting the best approach to solve business problems by using ML.
  • Implementing reliable, cost-effective, and secure ML solutions.
  • Picking the best AWS solution to deploy and develop ML solutions.

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AWS Certified Security

AWS-Certified-Security-SpecialtyCertified AWS Security professionals know of:

  • Selecting and utilizing different AWS services to choose the right level of security, according to the sensitivity of the data.
  • Knowledge of suitable data protection techniques.
  • Implementing log and monitoring solutions to analyze possible vulnerabilities in an infrastructure.


AWS-Certified-SAP-on awsA certified SAP by AWS professional has expertise in designing, migrating, implementing, and operating SAP workloads on AWS.

  • SAP Basis and SAP NetWeaver administration 
  • SAP migration and installation tools 
  • SAP-supported databases 
  • SAP-supported operating systems such as Linux and Windows
  • Designing and operating SAP workloads on AWS. 

Synopsis of AWS CERTIFICATIONS COST in current year

To Conclude

Last year, COVID Pandemic dramatically affected humans. It brings challenges to health systems, food systems, as well as the working life of people. The most wide-ranging impact of COVID was on businesses. This is the point where cloud computing platforms, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), emerged. The purpose of our blog was to determine the worth of AWS Certifications. AWS Certifications are beneficial only when they are attained with proper preparation and learning. Getting a certification by rote learning and cramming can help you get a job but will never help you excel in your career. You should attain certification through hands-on-practicing, course learning, and topics understanding to get all the benefits of AWS Certifications.


An AWS certification is valid for three years. It means that after three years, you need to go through a process known as recertification to display your expertise.

It depends upon the certification you are preparing for. There are only some AWS certifications that require coding such as AWS Developer.

Every AWS certification takes specific time for its preparation. Such as you can prepare for the Fundamental Certification in three to six months, whereas it can take up to 1 year in preparing for Associate Certifications.

After failing an AWS certification exam, you should wait for at least 14 days for an exam retake. You can have unlimited retakes. Every retake has the same cost as the first attempt.

  • Understand the objectives of the certification
  • Have self-study of all topics included in the course outline.
  • You can get enrolled in e-learning courses.
  • Have hands-on practice
  • Assess your preparation.

You can prepare for the AWS certification exam without an IT background. All you need is to prepare for the exam properly and complete the necessary training. As a beginner, you can prepare for Fundamental and Associate level certifications.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the globally used cloud platform. It provides a vast range of features and services for your ease. Getting AWS certifications ensures that you are having some skills that are in demand.

There can be multiple-choice or multiple-selection questions in AWS certification exams. The questions may also have graphics or charts for elaboration.