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Best System Administration Certifications to have in 2023

If you’re a system administrator or want to peruse your goal in the system administration field, this article is for you. The system administrator field increased at an unprecedented level previously. SysAdmins fill the void between business operations and ensure the smooth functioning of IT infrastructures. The article will provide you with complete and in-depth information about System administration certifications and reasons to become a system administrator and after reading you will make up your mind to acquire one such certification.

What is System Administrator?

A system administrator, sometimes called a server administrator, is an IT expert in charge of installing, maintaining, and operating a company’s computer network and systems. These individuals interact directly with an organization’s hardware and software to ensure that everything runs smoothly and safely.

Why Choose System Administrator as a Career Pathway?

 System Administrators are the most in demand. This is a world of tech and every field related to it is a good career pathway. The position necessitates in-demand job skills such as server and client configuration and maintenance, as well as access controls, network services, and application resource needs. SysAdmin is considered the tech expert of the company. SysAdmin fills the gap in business operations. A recent SimplyHired search for “system administrator” yielded over 42,000 job posts. According to SimplyHired, the average compensation for system administrators is more than $75,000, with highs approaching $119,000. SysAdmin jobs are high in demand and this is the best field in terms of salary as well as growth. To advancing career as a system administrator and for better job roles you must acquire certifications. Below are the top system administrator certifications for expanding your career or starting your career as a system administrator.

Top 8 Picks for System Administrator Certifications

These top certifications will help you in the system administration field with a lot of perks and navigate your career path. You can acquire one of the following certifications depending on your area of expertise and knowledge level.

  1.  Red Hat Certified System Administrator
  2. Red Hat Certified Engineer
  3.  CompTIA Security+
  4. CompTIA Server+
  5. Cisco Certified Network Associate
  6. VMware- Data Center Virtualization 2022
  7. Microsoft Certified- Azure Fundamentals Associate
  8. Linux Professional Institute- LPIC-1


1- Red Hat Certified System Administrator

2- Red Hat Certified Engineer

3- CompTIA Security+

4- CompTIA Server+

A brief review on CompTIA stackable certifications to boost your career

5-Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

6- VMware- Data Center Virtualization 2022

7- Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamental Associate

8- Linux Professional Institute- LPIC-1

Worth of System Administrator Certifications

Knowing the worth of certifications is the foremost important thing before choosing the certifications. Such certifications are worthwhile and come with many perks. As system administration is leading, so is the requirement of the job roles. Candidates which have certifications are an edge and advantage over the ones which do not have such certifications. System administration certifications will help you grow in the system administration field as well as in starting your career. These certifications act as a career ladder in the system administrator field. Such certifications also increase your salary up to 10x and give you earning potential. Such certifications also increased job promotions because they are proof that the candidate has enough skills and expertise to manage advanced responsibilities and can perform competently.  

Comparison Table including salary, job roles, and leading companies that hired


Salary range

Job roles

Leading Companies


$54k- 112k

  • Linux System Administrator Linux Systems Engineer
  • Linux Support Systems Engineer
  • Senior Systems Administrator

Applied Insight


California Creative Solutions


LightGrid LLC 


$55k- 145k

  • Linux Engineer
  • Graduate Integration Engineer
  • System Administrator
  • Platform Engineer
  • Windows Server Engineer
  • Cloud Consultant / Senior Consultant
  • OpenStack Cloud Engineer

Red Hat Software

Magna 5 MS LLC


Agile Defense

CompTIA Security+

$50k- 75k

  • Security Administrator
  • Cybersecurity specialist




Johns Hopkins


$50k- 88k

  • Network Engineer
  • Network Support Specialist
  • Network Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Systems Analyst








$50k- 141k

  • Network Administrator
  • System Analyst
  • System Administrator

Data Center Virtualization 


  • Data Center Administrator
  • Chief Architect 
  • Cloud Architect 
  • Data Engineer 
  • Data Wrangler 
  • DevOps Engineer 
  • Full Stack Developer
  • System Administrator






Microsoft Azure Fundamental Associate 


  • Administrator


$50k- 130k

  • System Administrator
  • DevOps Engineer
  • System Engineer
  • Senior System Engineer
  • IT Specialist

Note: The salary is dependent on experience, job role/title, and the company.

Recommended Prep Material

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This article gives you a complete understanding of system administration certifications and their career growth. Summing up this article, if you want to progress in the system administration field these top certifications will be helpful for you. Such certifications cover many benefits and advantages and give you many job opportunities, earning potential, and managing advanced problems. So don’t wait and develop your career in the system administrator field with these top certifications.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ's

The best system administrator certifications are:

Red Hat Certificate System Administrator 

Red Hat Certified Engineer

CompTIA Network+ 

CompTIA Security+

Data Center Virtualization

Microsoft Azure Fundamental Associate

Linux Professional Institute- LPIC-1

Systems administrators with a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline, including computer and information technology, are most commonly sought after by companies. In most cases, three to five years of experience are needed for jobs requiring systems administration.

Yes! System administration is a rewarding profession.  Compared to other IT disciplines, systems administrators have a higher income potential considering the level of education necessary. Over the next ten years, there will be a projected 36% increase in the need for systems administration jobs.

Absolutely Yes! According to SimplyHired, 49000 job posts are yielded for the system administrator. Moreover, Emsi Burning Glass reports that throughout the previous year, companies nationwide listed 57,751 open positions for systems administrators and it is increasing at an unprecedented level.

You can start your career by having a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology and Computer sciences. Moreover, certifications may add a plus to your career and give a breakthrough in the system administrator field.

Exams for MCSE certification typically cost $165. (USD)

You operate from home as a remote systems administrator. The main responsibilities of SysAdmin include installing, configuring, and updating software, networks, and other computer systems for a company. Additionally, you have responsibilities for maintaining network security, backing up data, and addressing IT problems. So yes, SysAdmin can work remotely.

The average annual salary for a Microsoft Azure Administrator in the US is $103,949. 

As the name suggests, the most fundamental distinction between these two positions is that a Network Administrator is in control of the networks, whereas a System Administrator is in charge of the computer systems, or all the components that go into running a computer. 

Usually, Red Hat certifications are not that difficult and you can pass in a single go by giving maximum study hours and hard work. Moreover, good exam material also helps them to ace the certification exam. You can get reliable exam material from Certspilot and can ace your exam.

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