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Cisco Certifications- Worth & Benefits


The world is leading towards advancement and so as technology demands, so your ability to fill the gap left by these changes in the technology and networking field is made possible by the Cisco certification. Cisco certifications are the leading certifications in networking domains and it is of no surprise. To address today’s evolving technologies and better prepare students, engineers, and software developers for success in the most crucial positions in the industry, Cisco offered various certifications. The certification validates the individual capacity to set configure, operate, secure, and troubleshoot networks in a business environment. IT specialists who hold Cisco certifications have a solid understanding of networking fundamentals and concepts. The certifications come in different levels starting from associate and going up to expert level. The most important thing when doing any certification is to know about its worth and the benefit that you will get after this. In this article, you will learn about the pluses and advantages of getting Cisco certifications:

Worth & Benefits of Cisco Certifications

 Cisco certifications have many pluses and are worthwhile in terms of salary, market demand, growth opportunities, and advanced skills

1. Advanced and Innovative Skills

Cisco certifications will help you learn advanced and competitive skills in networking domains and validates modern and complex network technologies like automation, programmability, and protocols. These advanced and innovative skills create a benchmark for others and make you recognized in the organizations.

2. Remarkable Career Growth

One of the main advantages of getting Cisco certifications is growth and advancement in career. Through advanced skills and demanding skills, you can enhance your career. The expert-level certification will make you handle more responsibility and ownership for a wider range of networking duties. The skills provide visibility in your job role and may benefit you in the promotion to your job position.

3. Fast-Growing Market Demand

The market demand for Cisco certifications is increasing exceptionally because they provide evidence of networking and troubleshooting abilities and confirm that you possess a specific degree of knowledge and capabilities. When selecting candidates for networking job duties, companies place great importance on Cisco certifications.

4. Add Value to Resume

The first thing that gets you a good job is how impressive your resume is. The certifications add value to the resume. Moreover, Fortune 500 companies use Cisco networking protocols and progressively hire employees. Cisco certifications are important for greater team performance, according to 75% of managers. The certifications give an edge you over other colleagues in terms of salary, job roles, and job opportunities.

5. Salary Benefits

Increased salary and money earned are the foremost benefits of Cisco certifications. Though salary may depend upon several factors like experience, job role, job position, and the organization. Comparing yourself to other IT professionals applying for the same post, you might demand and obtain better compensation. The average annual salary for CCNA professionals is $118,830, according to the InfoSec Institute. Additionally, according to a recent PayScale survey, qualified network engineers who specialize in Cisco networking may expect to earn between $50,971 and $101, 017 annually. Between 2012 and 2022, the BLS predicted a 12% growth in demand for network experts.

Build your Skills at a Fundamental Level with Cisco Online Courses

Cisco networking academy provides free online courses at a foundational level. Students and individuals get the benefit and learn advanced skills to advance their careers at the beginner level.


Concluding, Cisco certification and training courses make an advance and progressive breakthrough in networking careers. The Cisco certifications are worth having because it ensures your career growth, secure promotions, opens the door to salary increases, and draw new job chances. It also puts you on a path to personal development and fulfillment. Pursue your goals, and earn achievements, and accomplishments through Cisco certifications.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQ's

The Cisco certifications are worth having because it ensures your career growth, secure promotions, opens the door to salary increases, and draw new job chances. It also puts you on a path to personal development and fulfillment.

The most sought-after qualification in the world according to market rankings is Cisco Certified Network Associate. The CCNA ensures advanced fundamental networking protocols which enhance your skills and aptitudes.

The most sought-after Cisco certifications are CCNA, CCNP Routing & Switching, CCNP Security, CCIE Routing & Switching, CCIE Security, CCNP, and CCIE Data Center which are demanding and be worthwhile in coming years.

Over non-certified, the CCNP adds additional salary benefits. PayScale reports that the annual income range for network engineers with CCNP Security certifications is between $56,000 and $132,000. As a result, CCNP is valuable.

The expert level and capstone qualification are called CCIE. Once you complete this level, you are a CCIE Champ. You must hold a Cisco CCNA certification before taking the CCNP test.

In the US, a CCNA earns an average salary of $89,303 per year. Individuals with high-level experience may earn up to $113,225.

  • Cisco Network Architect- $146,918
  • CCIE Network Engineer- $138,240
  • Cisco Security Engineer- $127,878
  • Contract Cisco Network Engineer- $127,055
  • CCVP- $126,874

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