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CompTIA Stackable Certifications | A leading path to your career growth

Learning new skills is essential for the growth of your career. The trend of attaining IT certifications is increasing day by day. Employers and recruiters look for certifications while evaluating your resume. Going with the pace, you also need certifications for every new skill you learn. Although your four-year degree is the base of your career, you need specific credentials to progress in your career.

If you have multiple certifications, it validates your knowledge in different IT roles. But the confusion is about what certifications you should attain to excel in your profession. To help get these cross-certifications, CompTIA has introduced its CompTIA Stackable Certifications according to different IT path

Introduction to CompTIA Stackable Certifications

Attaining a CompTIA Stackable Certification means one has earned multiple certifications of different categories. These stackable certifications are like stairs to your success. If you want to outshine in your career, start with your first step by getting a CompTIA certification. For your second step, avail yourself of one more CompTIA IT certification. Gradually take all these certifications until you reach your destination. At this point, a question can pop up in your mind. Are CompTIA Certifications beneficial or not? Your answer is waiting for you.

Benefits of getting CompTIA Stackable Certification

CompTIA is a leading technology industry that provides vendor-neutral certifications. These certifications act as a kick-start in your career. It has introduced its Stackable Certifications to help you get a path to follow. Let’s discuss the advantages of getting this certification.

  • The certifications help you get a clear path for your career.
  • You can get new skills and enhance your knowledge.
  • You can take as much time as you need before your next certification.
  • These Stackable certifications are a cost-effective way to your progress.
  • It can make you qualify for different IT roles
  • You can get a highlight in a competitive job market.
  • You can land new jobs with more pay range

CompTIA Career Pathways

CompTIA Stackable Certifications are like a series of credentials to support your ongoing profession. It consists of pathways with specific experience levels. These pathways help you track what certifications you should attain to progress in specific IT roles. Following are the two pathways of CompTIA Stackable Certifications:

  1. CompTIA Infrastructure Career Pathway
  2. CompTIA Cybersecurity Career Pathway

The Experience level within each pathway are:

  • Specialist
  • Entry level
  • 0-2 years of Experience
  • Professional
  • Intermediate level
  • 2-5 years of Experience
  • Expert
  • Maestro level
  • More than 5-years of Experience

Let’s discuss both pathways one by one.

1. CompTIA Infrastructure Career Pathway

The stackable certifications in the CompTIA Infrastructure pathway are mainly the combos of some core and infrastructure CompTIA certifications. Candidates who want to excel in IT infrastructure careers can select this path. The Infrastructure Stackable Certifications verify your skills in administrating and managing servers, networks, software, and hardware. The Stackable Certifications in this pathway have specialist and professional levels.

Specialist Level

I CompTIA IT Operations Specialist (CIOS)

  • CIOS it operationsEarn CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Network+ Certifications to be a certified CIOS
  • IT Operation Specialists have the skills to examine business operations and determine customer needs.
  • These specialists can land different jobs with the titles of System Administrator, System Support Engineer, Desktop Support Technician, and IT Support Specialist. The estimated salary of a CompTIA IT Operation Specialist is $73,830 annually.

II CompTIA System Support Specialist (CSSS)

  • Comptia support system specialist csssObtain CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Linux+ Certification in this stack.
  • A system support specialist knows the hardware and software fundamentals and the Linux operating system.
  • The market demand for a CompTIA System Support Specialist is mainly an IT Technician, Desktop Support Specialist, and field service technician. Their average salary is about $59,234.
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Professional Level

I. CompTIA Cloud Admin Professional (CCAP)

  • ccap cloud admin specialistGet CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Cloud+ Certifications for this position.
  • Cloud Admin Professionals can increase business opportunities using cloud platforms.
  • They can also apply for the post of Senior Network Infrastructure and Cloud System Engineer. CCAP can make around $73k per annum.

II. CompTIA Network Infrastructure Professional (CNIP)

  • comptia network infrastructure CNIP Earn certifications in CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Server+ to be a certified Network Infrastructure Professional.
  • A CNIP Professional can deliver projects with complex infrastructure designs by initiation through development.
  • These professionals can work as Network Engineers, Network Administrators, Senior Active Directory engineers, and many more. Their salary ranges from $52,470 to $82361 annually.
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III. CompTIA Linux Network Professional (CLNP)

  • CLNPEarn CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Linux+ Certifications for this role.
  • Earners of CLNP certification can provide hands-on support. In addition, they can keep track of critical internal and client systems.
  • There is a high demand for CLNP Professionals as Network engineers, Informational Technology Support Engineers, Server Administrators, and other networking roles. They can earn almost $69000 yearly.

2. CompTIA Cyber Security Career Pathway

Individuals who have an interest in cybersecurity practices can choose this path. These individuals can focus on how to protect the system from malware and other attacks. The stackable certifications of the cyber security pathway are a combination of core and cybersecurity CompTIA certifications. It contains Specialist, Professional, and Expert level certifications.


I. CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist (CSIS)

  • CSISEarn CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+ Certifications for CSIS Certification.
  • CompTIA Secure Infrastructure Specialist support hardware and software systems. These specialists can protect company assets from all external and internal threats.
  • These individuals can apply for the posts of IT Security Specialist, Cybersecurity Specialist, and Field Support Specialist and can earn up to $82,723 yearly.
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I. CompTIA Secure Cloud Professional Certification (CSCP)

  • CSCPTo earn this certification get CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA Cloud+ Certifications.
  • Individuals with CSCP Stackable Certification know addressing the technical security issues in the cloud computing environment of a company.
  • They can apply for the post of Identity Access Management Consultant, Cloud Network lead, or Database Administrator. CSCP-certified individuals can make $165,920 annually.

II. CompTIA Security Analytics Professional Certification (CSAP)

  • CSAPAvail of CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA CySA Certification for this stackable certification.
  • A CompTIA Security+ Analytics Professional can plan and perform security measures for protecting the computer systems and networks of an organization.
  • These professionals can serve as Implementation Technology Consultants, Commercial Software Sales Executives (SAAS), or Sales Executive Cybersecurity (SAAS). Their pay range is $51k-109k yearly.

III. CompTIA Network Vulnerability Assessment Professional Certification (CNVP)

  • CVNPFor this certification, you have to get CompTIA Security+ and CompTIA Pen Test+ certifications.
  • CNVP professionals have all the skills required to scan systems and applications to discover vulnerabilities that can be utilized as the blueprint for improvements.
  • These professionals can apply for the post of Cyber Intelligence Analyst, Manager Cyber Risk, Devsecop Engineer, and Faculty Instructor Cybersecurity PAC. Their pay is $115,170 per year.

IV. CompTIA Network Security Professional (CNSP)

  • csnpEarn CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Pen Test+, and CompTIA CySA+ Certification to be a certified CNSP.
  • Network Security Professionals have an understanding of monitoring networks for unauthorized users and analyzing security risks and producing response procedures.
  • These professionals can work as Business Systems analysts, Information Security Analysts, and Document Control specialists. They can make up to $87,200 annually.

Expert Level

I. CompTIA Security Analytics Expert (CSAE)

  • csaeCSAE experts have certifications in CompTIA Security+, CompTIA CySA+ and CompTIA CASP.
  • CSAE Experts have knowledge of providing architect and engineer cybersecurity solutions, achieving regulatory compliance, and generating data analytics-based cybersecurity research results.
  • They can apply for the post of Cybersecurity Professional and Junior GNOSC Engineer. They can avail about $ 106,000 annually.
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II. CompTIA Security Infrastructure Expert (CISE)

  • csieTo avail of CompTIA Security Infrastructure Expert (CISE) certification, you should earn CompTIA Security+, CompTIA CySA+, CompTIA Pen Test+, and CompTIA CASP certifications.
  • A CISE Expert has the knowledge to conceptualize, manage and lead data security infrastructure in globally recognized organizations.
  • They can work as security Engineer Managers, Senior Security engineers, Senior Cloud Engineers, and Software engineers. They can earn almost $115,000 per year.
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Procedure to avail Stackable Certification

There is no complicated procedure to earn CompTIA Stackable Certification. You will get certified once you complete the certifications required for the specific role. For example, if you get a CompTIA A+ certification and then earn a CompTIA Network+ Certification, you can call yourself a CompTIA IT Operations Specialist. You can download your proof of CompTIA Stackable certifications from your Stackable certifications tab on your certification account. In addition, if you attain CompTIA Security+ certification afterward, you will be a certified Secure Infrastructure Specialist. You can add these certifications to your resume, business card, or email signatures.

To conclude

Whether you are planning to start your IT Career or you are employed in an IT-based company, CompTIA Certifications are the best way to excel in your field. CompTIA Stackable Certifications will help you follow a path to reach your goal. What you have to do is to take initiative with CompTIA, and you will discover a new world of skills and expertise.


Having a CompTIA Stackable Certification means you have multiple certifications that provide you with skills and knowledge of different new roles at a deeper level. These certifications can help you grow your career.

CompTIA Stackable Certifications can be used as a path to reach the end goal. You will start from a basic level certification and keep on gaining certifications until you reach the expert level.

Yes, CompTIA Stackable certifications have an expiry depending upon the certifications included in your Stackable certification. If any of the respective certifications expire, your stackable certification will also expire.

  • They can help you grow in your field.
  • Can make you prominent in your environment.
  • Can help you land a high-paying job.
  • Shows your commitment to learning new IT Skills.
  • And many more.

You can add this certification to your resume, or your business card. You can post your certificate on your LinkedIn and social media platforms. Moreover, this certification can be used with your name in email signatures.

CompTIA Stackable Certifications are divided into two paths, i.e., Infrastructure and cybersecurity pathways. Moreover, each career pathway has specific levels depending on the required experience. You can choose your Stackable CompTIA Certification by discovering what your career pathway and experience level.

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