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The Widely Spread Microsoft Certifications | Are They Worth It?

Certifications are an omnipresent segment of the Informational Technology Profession. Having proof of your expertise from a reputable platform such as Microsoft can help you excel in your career. Whether you are searching for a new IT role or want to advance your professional growth, earning a Microsoft certification is considered the best solution. But the focal point is, Are They Worth It?

One should look for the advantages of attaining a credential in order to discover its worth. According to this, I can say that the Microsoft Certifications are genuinely worth it. It is so because there is a long list of benefits and advantages you can have with the help of Microsoft credentials. Some of these benefits are provided below.

Benefits for a Working Professional

I.  Role Based Certifications

Microsoft provides a wide range of role-based certifications to help you learn new skills and excel in your career path. Whether you choose to be a developer, administrator, or solutions architect, it will provide you with a track of certifications to follow until you reach your expert level.

II. Act as a Spotlight

Earning a Microsoft credential will point you up in a competitive market. It will help you get recognized with new skills and talents. It has been seen that having a well-known credential makes your company and other employees look to you for directions and advice. Moreover, you will get appreciation from your co-workers.

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III. Increased Salary

Better knowledge and skills will help you get a promotion. Employers look for certified professionals whether they have to offer a huge pay. Imagine what will happen if they get a certified employer in their own company. For sure, they will promote you to a better salary range.

IV. Updated Skills

Preparing to earn a Microsoft Certification also enhances your skills and knowledge. These certifications can never be earned with cramming or rot learning. The reason is that the Microsoft Certification exams always assess your practical knowledge. Hence, one needs hands-on practice to achieve these certifications, which in return increases your expertise.

V. Career Advancement

Although your degree is the base of your career, the certifications will help you advance in your career. Microsoft Certifications tracks will guide you to follow a certifications path toward the expert level. Such as, if you have a Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification, you can plan to earn Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Certification to advance in an IT Architecture career.

Benefits for a Job Seeker

Microsoft certifications provide benefits to professionals working in the IT field and newbies looking to start their IT careers.

I. Numerous Career Opportunities

Getting a Microsoft Certification can open doors to several new career opportunities for you. You can effortlessly shift from one job to another for a better role with high market demand. For example, if you want to switch from a scripting profession to a programming one, earn Microsoft Azure Developer Certification for this.

II. Standing Out In a Pack of Job Hunters

Recent research shows that almost 90% of recruiters look for certifications before selecting a resume for IT-based job interviews. The Microsoft certifications are proof of your skills in a specific field. Thus, certificates make it easy for recruiters to select a certified candidate with particular required skills.

III. Increased Market Demand:

In addition to well-known organizations, other IT-based companies also seek certified professionals. Moreover, if you have a certification from platforms like Microsoft is a plus point for your resume. Adding Microsoft Certifications to your CV will validate your new and Updated IT skills. It will make you exclusive from other candidates for the same role and increase your market demand.

IV. Freelancing skills

In the world of freelancing, Microsoft certifications can help you get more clients and bid on better projects with more earnings. We all know informational technology is the base of many freelance careers. These certifications can make you a trustworthy freelancer as you have proof of your skills and knowledge from a reputable platform.

V. Personal Satisfaction

If you are dedicated to your career, achieving Microsoft certification can provide you with a sense of personal satisfaction. The IT Certifications come with the same feeling one gets from professional accomplishment. Moreover, it boosts your confidence to follow your aspirants.

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Benefits for organizations

I. No Need for New Staff

The field of Informational Technology is developing more and more. For this, every company needs employees with modern technology skills and knowledge. In this regard, different companies hire new staff with IT Certifications. If an organization helps its employees earn new certifications, it will update the skills of its employees with the pace of the IT world. Eventually, there will be no need for new staff.

II. Company Advancement

If a company has certified professionals, it will advance your organization. Let’s suppose your company is surrounded by rivals, and you have to compete with them for different projects. Ensuring your staff has all the latest in-demand skills will help you effectively bid on those projects. Moreover, successfully completing a range of projects with the help of certified professionals will help you widen your client pool.

Job role for Microsoft Certified Professionals

Markets with High Demand

Here are some top industries where Microsoft-certified professionals have high demand:

  • Healthcare 
  • IT Consulting
  • IT-related Services
  • IT Software
  • Government: Non-defense, state, local
  • Cybersecurity

Job Roles

In the following table, you can discover different job roles for Certified Microsoft professionals along with their salary ranges.

Job RoleSalary per annum
Microsoft Certified: Azure Fundamentals$101,371 
Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals$113,500 
Microsoft Certified: Power platform fundamentals$122,032
Microsoft Certified: Security, Compliance,  and Identity Fundamentals $126,732 
Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate$133466
Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate$132,500
Microsoft Certified: Dynamics 365 Sales Functional Consultant Associate$197,500
Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate$162,500
Microsoft Certified Azure for SAP Workloads Specialty$80676 
Microsoft Certified Educator$67017
Microsoft Certified Specialist: Microsoft Word Expert$52391
Microsoft 365 Certified: Exchange Online Support Engineer Specialist $135,248

Final Notes:

There is an unending array of IT certifications around us. Although all certificates have benefits, the point is to choose one platform that is really worth taking. We all know Microsoft concerning its Window features, as almost all of us has installed these operating systems on our laptops and computers. Only some of us know that Microsoft also provides a plethora of Certifications to enhance your knowledge in various fields. Being a reputable platform, Microsoft Certifications are highly recognized globally. Thus, it provides a range of benefits and advantages, making these certifications the most auspicious.


Is Microsoft certification difficult?

Microsoft Certifications are the hardest IT certifications to earn. The exams to achieve these IT certifications are tricky. So it is not easy to pass these exams through rot learning. As these exams contain MCQs, short questions, and other types of questions, guessing the answer can never help. Moreover, the Microsoft certification exams assess your skills and knowledge by asking questions about minute details. Hence, only the best study resources or years of experience can help to get these certifications.

Do Microsoft certifications are not respected in the industry?

Microsoft Certifications validate your real-world skills and technical knowledge of recognized industry roles. These certifications are respected and recognized globally. Attaining a Microsoft certification shows your expertise, dedication, and intelligence. All of these make them valuable certifications.

What can a Microsoft certification do for me?

Earning a digital badge of Microsoft certification can provide you with many benefits to advance your career. These certifications can make you:

  • Get recognized
  • Get appreciated
  • Get hired
  • Get promoted
  • Get rewarded
  • Get Personal satisfaction

Which Microsoft certification is best?

Microsoft Azure certifications are the best certifications to earn. These certifications validate your knowledge of In-demand IT skills. Azure Certifications have three levels for each role. These levels include Associate, expert, and specialist. Thus following these levels can help you excel in your profession. Some popular Azure certifications that have high market demand are as follows:

Which Azure Certification pays the most?

Although every Microsoft Azure certification is worth taking, the Azure Solutions Architect Expert Certification is the most in-demand IT certification with the highest pay range. According to ZipRecruiter, the pay range of a Certified Solutions Architect is $134000 to $170000 per year. The average pay is $153324 per annum.

Are Azure Certifications worth it?

Microsoft Azure Certifications are globally recognized. IT professionals prefer to get IT certifications from the Microsoft Azure platform because of the following benefits:

  • High-paid job. 
  • From basic certification to professional certification 
  • Flexible career opportunities
  • Increased demand for certified professionals
  • Updated skills

How long does it take to get Microsoft Certified?

The preparation time for your Microsoft Certification depends upon the prior knowledge you have and your pace of learning new skills. Microsoft certifications require proper preparation with hands-on experience. Every exam has its own duration for solving the questions. Once you have cleared the exam, it can take 24-48 hours for the certification badge availability on your dashboard.

What does a Microsoft Office specialist do?

Certified Microsoft Office specialists are not only IT professionals. They can work in different fields, such as teaching or medical. A MOS has proficiency in using Microsoft Office features such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. These applications are used in every career. A MOS can be an administrator, businessman, professor, or doctor.

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