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Salesforce Admin Certification Guide | A Path To Certified Success

Customer relationship management (CRM) plays a vital role in the Business World. CRM enables you to get rid of burdensome procedures and manual labor so you can concentrate on operating your business. It can track and manage client information actively, link your complete team from any device, and simplify tedious activities so you can focus on other prospects. Hence, it has become our need for successfully running a business.

There are several other CRM programs available. However, Salesforce is one of the latest trending CRM tools utilized by 150,000+ firms ranging from mid-size to Fortune 500. It offers several tools for automation and service, marketing, sales, commerce, and customer support. Salesforce assists businesses in growing their operations on a safe, dependable, and scalable platform. Among other certifications offered by Salesforce, the Salesforce Administrator Certification is in high demand. 

Introduction to Salesforce Administrator:

Every company or organization needs an administrator as a central person. The same is true for the Salesforce administrator. Salesforce Admins are business leaders essential to operate a smooth and lean corporation. They understand how their firm works and are involved in making all departments effective through process automation.

Moreover, admins teach and educate Salesforce users, handle complex business challenges, and keep projects going ahead. An administrator provides innovative solutions that make Salesforce users happy and the organization better! To prove your capability as an expert Salesforce Administrator in this modern era, you need a Salesforce Admin Certification. While talking about the Salesforce Certifications, one question always pops up in our minds. “Why should I become a Salesforce Admin certified professional?” Let me overcome your confusion. A Salesforce Admin Certification is the maximum level of accreditation that a Salesforce Administrator can obtain; it displays experience in the sector and your dedication to the platform.  Salesforce workers are increasingly interested in certification. It can increase a professional’s knowledge of the business. Furthermore, some research suggests that it boosts employability and opens admins to higher-paying positions.

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salesforce administrator certification

Who can avail of this certification?

  • Candidates for Salesforce Certified Administrator should have a broad understanding of the functionality offered to end users as well as the configuration choices available to a Salesforce Administrator.
  • Candidates must be capable of managing a Salesforce organization.
  • They should use existing Salesforce functionalities to respond to business requests and conduct administrative activities.
  • Candidates should have six months or more of Salesforce Administrator experience.
  • Salesforce specialists who are capable of providing reports and managing different business processes, such as building business-related workflows, maintaining data security, and managing Salesforce applications.

Salesforce Administrator Exam Basic Pattern

Recognizing the format of the test can help you prepare for it systematically. So, here is some vital exam information.

  • There will be 60 multiple-choice/selection questions. 
  • The score to pass the exam is 65%, which suggests you must get at least 39 answers correct.
  • It is a computerized exam, and you will have 105 minutes to complete it.
  • Since there is no negative marking on the test, I advise you to attempt all questions.
  • Each question is scored evenly, whether it is a single or multiple-choice question.
  • During the examination, you can mark questions for review and look over them again before submitting the exam.

Cost of Salesforce Admin Exam:

  • The exam enrollment price is USD 200, with a retake charge of USD 100. Taxes may be imposed following local law.
  • If you have the Salesforce Administrator credential, you must renew it annually by fulfilling the maintenance trailhead module before the deadline. There is no fee to keep this certification active.

Exam Taking Options

There are two ways to take the exam: in person at a proctored location or online with a virtual monitor.  As this is not an open-book examination, there are no hard-copy or online referred materials during the exam.

  • Proctored On-site Centre: To deliver the certification examinations, Salesforce collaborates with Kryterion, a global network of testing facilities. Because each center determines its exam schedule, availability may vary.
  • Proctored Online Exams: You may take Salesforce certification examinations remotely from your computer using online proctoring. A proctor monitors these tests via a webcam. Online proctored tests are available every day, except for significant US holidays and system maintenance.

Course Outline for Salesforce Admin Certification Exam

Understanding the weight distribution for every topic can assist you in prioritizing your study plan and identifying key areas. Practical learning experience, training program completion, Trail paths, and self-study in these areas are also desirable since Salesforce will assess your entire understanding.

Configuration and Setup20%
Object Manager and Lightning App Builder20%
Sales and Marketing Applications12%
Service and Support Applications11%
Productivity and Collaboration7%
Data and Analytics Management14%
Workflow/Process Automation16%

Configuration and Setup

  • Explain the information discovered in the company settings. Like
    • Fiscal year
    • Business hours
    • Currency management
    • Default settings
    • Fiscal year
  • Distinguish and comprehend the management of declarative User Interface setup. For example
    • UI settings
    • App menu
    • List views
    • Global actions
    • Lightning App Builder 
  • Demonstrate proper user setup and maintenance for a given situation. 
  • Describe the different security controls in your organization. Such a
    • Setup audit trail
    • Login hours
    • Session settings

Object Manager and Lightning App Builder

  • Describe the object architecture and connection model that is used in most applications. For example, standard object, parent/child, master-detail/lookup/junction, and record type relationships.
  • Explain how to add, delete, and alter fields and page layouts on custom and standard objects, as well as the consequences of deleting fields.
  • Determine how to design and allocate page layouts, record types, and business processes for bespoke and standard objects given a situation.

Sales and Marketing Applications

  • Determine the capabilities and consequences of the sales process for a situation. For Example
    • Sales process
    • Opportunity
    • Journey 
    • Impact prediction
  • Apply the relevant sales productivity features utilizing opportunity tools to a given circumstance. Such as 
    • Dashboards 
    • Lead scoring
    • Einstein opportunity scoring
    • Home page assistance 
  • Explain the capabilities of lead automation and campaign management technologies. Like, 
    • Leads
    • Lead conversion
    • Lead assignment criteria
    • Campaigns

Service and Support Applications

  •  Describe case management’s capabilities. Examples are
    • Consider case
    • Case assignment rules
    • Queues
  • Determine ways to automate case management for a given scenario. Such as
    • Support processes
    • Auto-response rules
    • Case escalation

Productivity and Collaboration

  • Describe activity management’s capabilities.
  • Describe the characteristics of Chatter.
  • Describe the Salesforce Mobile App’s capabilities.
  • Determine the use cases for AppExchange apps.

Data and Analytics Management

  • Explain the steps involved in importing, updating, transferring, bulk deleting, exporting, and backing up data.
  • Describe data validation tools’ capabilities and implications.
  • Explain the choices for producing or altering a record or report type.
  • Describe how the sharing model affects reports.
  • Describe the possibilities for building and altering dashboards, such as
    • Dashboard components
    • Data sources
    • Chart types
    • Subscribing
    • Running user

Workflow/Process Automation

  • Determine the best automation option for a given case based on the tool’s capabilities.
  • Describe Flow’s capabilities and use cases.
  • Describe the capabilities and use cases for the approval process.

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How to prepare for Salesforce Admin Certified Exam?

Salesforce recommends a mix of hands-on knowledge, training class completion, self-study, and Trailhead trails in the topics specified in the Exam Outline portion of our blog.

The following training materials are recommended by the Salesforce guide for exam preparation:

For further information, you can visit the admin certification exam guide by Salesforce.

Preparation from Salesforce Admin certification dumps

Using test dumps might be quite helpful if you are studying for an exam. These dumps are a compilation of questions and answers taken from earlier tests. It is simple to overlook crucial facts when studying by self. It can be made clear that you are acquiring all the knowledge you want while using test dumps. You can visit for the final preparation of Salesforce Certified exams with the help of paper dumps. 

Preparation Tips for Admin Certification Exam

  • Understand the test structure properly by thoroughly reading the exam guide, including questions, time allotment, suggested resources, weightage, duration, and so on.
  • While studying for a certification, it’s a good idea to network within the Salesforce community. Attending meetings and seminars might help with this.
  • Prepare as many questions as you can before the test to familiarize yourself with the type, difficulty, and depth of questions you may anticipate seeing on the actual exam.
  • Always attempt to rule out the impossible. This will help you focus on the facts you need to remember while marking the correct answers.
  • The easiest method to stay on track and motivated is to plan your exam for a realistic date in the future.
  • Try to prepare as many Salesforce Admin Certification Dumps. For this you can also visit our website.
  • No matter how much you study, the best method to remember all of the crucial material that will help you answer the test questions will be through the implementation and project work you have accomplished during your preparation.

How long does Salesforce Certification exam preparation take?

Salesforce Certification typically takes six weeks. However, the time required to prepare for a Salesforce certification relies on the individual’s experience. If you are absolutely new to Salesforce, you must devote at least 5 – 10 hours each week, and it takes 6-8 weeks to prepare for the Salesforce admin certification test. If you have prior experience, you may be able to finish it in 2-3 weeks with the same speed.

Skills in demand as a Certified Salesforce Administrator

We have compiled a list of skills from different job descriptions. These skills should be available in Salesforce certified admin. 

  • Ensuring that Salesforce systems and products work at their best.
  • Updating and setting up Salesforce systems for the best possible interaction.
  • Managing Salesforce groups, roles, profiles, sharing policies, and processes.
  • Importing leads, contacts, and other data from the sales department.
  • Creating unique reports and dashboards, as well as maintaining the sales cloud.
  • Carrying out database maintenance activities, such as duplicate entry removal and diagnostic checks.
  • Offering training and assistance, as well as evaluating and implementing new Salesforce versions.
  • Documenting procedures, such as error reports and updates to field history tables.
  • Creating reports for the department of sales and other departments.

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Is coding required for Salesforce admin?

Executive functions and problem-solving activities are included in the job description of Salesforce admin. As a result, the Salesforce Admin will collaborate with a group of consultants, developers, and others. The coding will be handled by these developers. So, coding is not necessary for a Salesforce administrator’s daily job.

How many times is the Salesforce Admin test retake allowed?

During each release cycle, you get three opportunities to take the same certification test. If you fail your first exam attempt, you must wait 24 hours before registering for a second try.

How can I take the Salesforce certification exam at home?

Instead of traveling to a testing location, you can take a Salesforce certification exam online from your computer using online proctoring. Kryterion’s Sentinel Secure software is used to offer online proctored tests, allowing a proctor to see the exam using a camera.

Is a job as a Salesforce administrator beneficial?

The need for Salesforce administrators is growing, and they may work in whatever business they want. It will be significantly simpler to find work as a Salesforce administrator with certification. You have the option of working as a freelance administrator, and career progression can be rapid.

How can I begin my Salesforce administrator certification?

  • Finish the Trailhead training. Salesforce’s Trailhead is a free online learning school.
  • Finished with the study guide
  • Use different tools and resources for training.
  • Take the test
  • Keep your certification updated.

Which trustworthy sources are there for Salesforce certification?

What Is the Duration of the Salesforce Exam?

Even after passing the exam once, a certification does not remain valid forever. Professionals with the Salesforce certification will need to undertake a maintenance module each year.

Can I obtain free Salesforce admin training?

Salesforce offers a free online learning environment called Trailhead where users may learn how to utilize the software. Beginners may learn Salesforce skills through Trailhead, and experienced users can become Salesforce specialists.

With no prior experience, how can I become a Salesforce admin?

Enrolling in a Salesforce Admin Course from a reputable training provider like Trailhead is the best method to become a Salesforce administrator. Through practical experience, you will learn the principles, procedures, techniques, etc.

Describe the duties of a junior Salesforce administrator.

The junior Salesforce administrator will serve internal customers’ daily operational needs while managing continuing aspects of basic Salesforce administration.

How can I advance to the role of junior Salesforce administrator?

You require a bachelor’s degree in computer programming or a closely related discipline and the willingness to pursue a lengthy tenure in Salesforce administration to qualify as a junior Salesforce administrator. Many companies will take on a current student.