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Salesforce Platform App Builder | An Exam Guide To Make Your Journey Easy

Salesforce Platform App Builder

Developing apps is one of the top-rated careers adopted by youth in the IT World, especially for online businesses. The effectiveness and efficiency of the app are the base of your Business management. As many people are moving towards this career, different platforms offer certifications in platform app development. Why? The reason is certifications are the base of success in the modern world.

Living in this digital era and surrounded by a vast range of certification sites, finding the most trustworthy one is mystifying. Making it easy for you, after a lot of searching, we have selected one of the best sites for you. Yes, we are talking about Salesforce!

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce is a cloud-based software provider that offers its clients a platform to create customized applications without dealing with the challenging stages required by traditional systems. Once developed, the program or application may be uploaded to the cloud so that people can access it. Salesforce now offers a variety of software solutions and platforms for developers to create and share unique software and applications. This CRM is used, in the form of SaaS, by tech leaders like Google, Twitter, Amazon, and Facebook.

Salesforce has introduced certifications that demonstrate to potential clients or employers that you are an expert in a specific Salesforce industry as the management system is becoming popular. Administrator, Developer, and Implementation Experts are the three main categories of Salesforce Qualifications, each of which includes a variety of levels and types of credentials. This blog is an exam guide to make you a certified Salesforce Platform App Builder.

What is Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification?

In addition to being a CRM, Salesforce is a massive platform that lets you create dashboards, deploy apps, and create customized applications. Salesforce has introduced a certification called Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification specifically for this use. The app builder certification is a slightly more advanced and expanded version of the Salesforce Administrator Certification. Users will concentrate on creating the data model, as well as the user interface, business logic, reporting for your app, server deployment, and much more.

Salesforce Platform App Builder

Candidates For The Salesforce App Developing Certification Exam

Individuals who want to apply for this certification by Salesforce should have one year of experience as a Salesforce app developer. The exam is intended for people who want to show off their expertise in designing, developing, and deploying customized apps. They can utilize the Lightning Platform’s declarative customization features. 

The Salesforce Platform App Builder applicant should possess the following experience, abilities, and knowledge:

  • Understanding of the Lightning Platform’s capabilities
  • Comprehending the many Salesforce license types and relevant factors
  • The capability to create apps that satisfy corporate requirements for reporting and procedures
  • Knowledge of the features and customizations used to improve mobile user experience
  • Good understanding of the Salesforce development environments and the Lightning Platform’s choices for deploying apps and managing modifications
  • Knowledge of the sources indicated in this test guide and the extra essential study materials made available by Salesforce.

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Salesforce Platform App Builder
Salesforce Platform App Builder certification

Exam Pattern

Format Multiple-choice questions 
Number of Questions60
Time Duration105 minutes
Passing score67% or at least 38 correct answers
Registration Cost: USD 200 with additional applicable taxes
Retake Cost: USD 100 with additional applicable taxes
Delivery options: Proctored exam onsite Proctored Online exam
Exam Outline and WeightageSalesforce Fundamentals: 23%Data Modeling and Management: 22%Business Logic and Process Automation: 28%User Interface: 17%App Deployment: 10%
  • Proctored exam onsite: Salesforce works with Kryterion, a worldwide network of testing centers, to deliver the qualifying exam. 
  • Proctored Online exam: Online proctoring allows you to take Salesforce certification tests remotely from your computer. These tests are observed by a proctor using a camera. 

Exam Topics for Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification

1.   Salesforce Fundamentals

Due to the fact that many of the ideas in this subject are also addressed on the admin test, you may already be familiar with them. Recall the details of

  • Declarative vs. Programmatic Customizations

Determine the limitations of declarative customization and the applications for programmatic modification for a given scenario.

  • AppExchange Use Cases

Find typical AppExchange situations for expanding your organization.

  • Access Capabilities

Use the available tools and features to limit and expand records, objects, and field access.

  • Sharing Options

Choose the best sharing solution based on a list of company needs.

  • Reports, Report Types and Dashboards

When building reports, report kinds, and dashboards, list the features and capabilities that are offered.

  • Salesforce Mobile User Experience

Find the best global, object-specific actions and designs to enhance the Salesforce experience for mobile users.

  • Chatter

Describe the Chatter modifications and use cases.

2.    Data Modeling and Management

The Data Modeling and Management area has the third-highest weighted on the exam. So, candidates should spend time familiarizing themselves with topic goals. The Salesforce data model, which contains standard and custom objects, fields, and connections, is the focus of this section.

  • Data Modeling

Determine the suitable data model for the given case.

  • Object Relationships and Record Access

Describe the capabilities of the different relationship types and how each affects user interface, record access, and reporting for a situation.

  • Field Data Types

Determine the factors to take into account when choosing or altering a field data type, given a circumstance.

  • Schema Builder

Describe the schema builder’s features and concerns.

  • Data Import and Export

Determine the options and factors to be taken into account while importing and exporting data, taking into account the abilities of external data sources.

3.    Business Logic and Process Automation

The topic of Business Logic and Process Automation has the greatest weighting at 28. This part will put your understanding of Formula Fields, Roll-up Summary Fields, and other concepts to the test.

  • Formula Fields

Show how to use formula fields to satisfy specified business needs in the given scenario.

  • Roll-up Summary Fields

Find the capabilities, applications, and consequences of roll-up summary fields for a scenario.

  • Validation Rules

Show how to use validation rules in the given scenario to satisfy the specified business needs.

  • Approval Processes

Identify the capabilities and use cases for approval processes in light of a situation.

  • Automation Tools

Find the abilities and use cases for workflow, Flow, and Process Builder for the provided scenario.

  • Process Automation

Provide a method to automate business activities while avoiding automation faults for a given set of business criteria.

4.    User Interface

Test takers must comprehend how to declaratively alter the user interface as well as when and how to employ custom buttons and actions in this part. It includes the following:

  • User Interface Customizations

Describe the choices for customizing the user interface.

  • Custom Buttons, Links, and Actions

Give examples of how custom buttons, links, and actions can be used.

  • Declarative Options for LWC

Find the declarative choices available for using Lightning Components in an application, for the given situation.

  • Custom Lightning Components

List the programmatic adjustments that may be made to include unique Lightning Components in an app.

5.    App Deployment

Although it is the shortest subject of the exam, this topic may be a little hard for people who are new to Salesforce Administration or operate in a smaller org.

  • Application Lifecycle

Provide a solution for managing the app lifecycle and different types of Sandboxes, taking into account critical milestones and concerns, for a given set of business requirements.

  • Change Set Deployment

Show your understanding of, ability to utilize, and ability to debug change sets using the provided use case.

  • Unmanaged and Managed Packages

Give examples of use cases and things to keep in mind while utilizing managed and unmanaged packages.

  • Deployment Plan

Choose the best deployment strategy for the given circumstance.

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Preparation for Salesforce Platform App Developer Certification Exam

1.    Review the Platform App Builder Study Guide Concepts and Group Objectives

Understanding the distribution for each topic will help you prioritize your study strategy and discover critical areas. Exam topics and outlines are posted on our blog. You may also get more information from the Salesforce Trailhead exam guide.

2.    Self-Study

Conduct self-study and a self-assessment on the objectives that require improvement. The practical learning experience and self-study in these areas are also preferred because Salesforce will evaluate your overall grasp.  Some self-study material suggested by Salesforce Trailhead are as follows:

3.    Enroll in classes to expand your knowledge.

Getting enrolled in training programs and courses will also help to have a proper grip and experience. Many sites are offering Salesforce Platform App Builder Courses. We have enlisted the best of them below:

4.    Using Salesforce Platform App Builder Exam Dumps

Get some Dumps and Practice Those Concepts daily. You may evaluate your preparation by utilizing test dumps. By attempting these questions in a genuine exam setting, you can predict how many points you are likely to receive in the actual test. You can get the Salesforce Platform App Builder Exam Dumps 2022 at our site.

Exam Tips for Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification

  • Concentrate your attention on the modules with the greatest weight, and learn and revise by the question weighting.
  • Use the Trailhead Exam Guide as your master revising list after downloading it.
  • Ensure that you not only revisit the features and concepts but also properly test them in a Trailhead Playground or Developer Org.
  • Once you’re comfortable with some of the subjects, schedule your examination to give you a target date. This will motivate you to prepare and pass the exam.
  • After you think you’ve learned the fundamentals and established a good foundation, look into a reliable training facility.
  • Before taking the test, try to gain as much professional experience as possible since this will help you recall all the crucial parts.
  • Pay particular attention to the questions and your time when taking the exam.

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification Jobs

Every company that deals in Business Management, Digital Marketing, Salesforce Management, and many other startup companies need a Salesforce Platform Application Developer. Moreover, they can also serve as freelance developers. In 2022, the demand for Salesforce professionals is increasing continuously. We go through some job descriptions and have gathered some job-catching skills you should have as an Application Developer.

  • Creating a custom data model, business logic, and security.
  • Customizing Mobile Applications
  • Designing Reports and Dashboards
  • Installing Custom Applications
  • Computer knowledge
  • Back-end processing
  • Designing a user interface (UI)
  • Cross-platform development expertise
  • Cyber security abilities
  • Product management abilities

For more detailed Jobs information of Platform APP builder you can visit Ziprecruiter where 70,000+ Jobs posted in US for this position.

Salary of Certified Salesforce Platform App Builder

According to Saasguru As a fresher, the average compensation for a Salesforce developer is roughly $120,000. A professional with more than five years of experience may earn approximately $132,000.

To Conclude

If you have basic knowledge of all of the areas listed above, passing the test will be a breeze, and you will be able to acquire the renowned Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder certification exam! However, if you do not have adequate Salesforce platform expertise (6-9 months) and want to become a Certified Platform App Builder. I recommend you to make a 6- to 9-month strategy to finish the above-listed preparation. You can also visit for easy preparation.


Is coding required for the Salesforce app builder?

The Platform App Builder certification does not need in-depth programming knowledge and abilities. It does demand an understanding of coding when it is appropriate or required to utilize code to achieve a goal.

How many months of Salesforce platform application development experience is a requirement for this exam?

A Salesforce Platform App Builder should have six months to a year of expertise designing applications utilizing the Salesforce Lightning platform or another CRM application of a similar nature.

What is the use of app builder?

An app builder is a platform that allows organizations to develop mobile apps without requiring any coding knowledge. App builders construct mobile apps for iPhone and Android, like the online providers such as Wix, Squarespace, and Shopify allow customers to create web pages.

When can you retake the Salesforce exam?

Every release, Salesforce resets the retake count. We must wait one day (24 hours) to register for the first retake (after the first try). We must wait 14 days for the second retake. We will have to wait until the following release for the third retake because you have already exceeded the three tries.

What are the skills of a Certified Salesforce Platform App Builder?

The candidate can create, manage, and update data models, business logic, application security, and process automation.

What is Salesforce App Builder Certification?

The Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder certificate is intended for those who want to show their skills and experience in designing, creating, and deploying new apps utilizing the Lightning Platform’s declarative modification capabilities.

What are the requirements for becoming a Salesforce Platform App Builder, and how much does it cost?

A candidate must pass the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer test to obtain this certificate. The exam registration price is $200, plus other applicable taxes. A retake will cost you $100 plus any relevant taxes.

What is the Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification code?

The Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification can also be accessed by using code: DEV-402.

What is the meaning of Maintaining a Certification in Salesforce?

One of the advantages of having a Salesforce credential is that you are constantly up to date on new product releases. There are release examinations to verify you have the most up-to-date material to be a competent Salesforce Certified expert.

Where can I find the most up-to-date Salesforce Platform Application Builder Exam Dumps?

Visit to get the top Salesforce Platform Application Builder Certification Exam Dumps 2022.