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Want to gain a new certification? Follow this Salesforce CPQ Specialist Exam Guide

Salesforce CPQ Specialist Exam Guide

For years, businesses have utilized word processing and spreadsheet software to generate quotations for current and potential customers. The usual approach of delivering a quote is complex and time-consuming; it probably entails discovery, configuration, customization, evaluation, and approval. The old model is labor-intensive and has other drawbacks. Companies suffer greatly from inaccurate or insufficient information. Due to the back-and-forth need to adjust the orders, inadequate information makes it difficult to conclude the purchase. In the modern world, Business people often refer to software solutions that assist sellers in quoting complicated and customizable items as “configure, price, quote” (CPQ) software. The sales process is simple for the sales team and the customer when the quotation procedure is straightforward and efficient. CPQ software may also generate quotation papers that adhere to the branding standards of your business, leaving a polished and expert image on your client

Salesforce CPQ specialist exam guide

In Salesforce, what does CPQ certification mean?

After Salesforce bought Steelbrick CPQ a few years ago, the Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification was developed. The accreditation is the benchmark for guaranteeing that those adopting CPQ and the Quote to Cash process are completely ready for intricate needs and business models.

How to become a certified Salesforce CPQ Specialist?

You must pass a proctored test from to become a certified Salesforce CPQ Specialist. The purpose of this blog is to assist candidates in determining their level of exam preparedness for the Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist exam and guide them to make their preparation journey smooth.

Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification Exam

Those with expertise in deploying the Salesforce CPQ solution can earn the title of Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist. This certificate is intended for Salesforce users, including partners, staff, and customers, who wish to show their expertise in creating, executing, and using quoting flows using the Salesforce CPQ platform.

Who can take Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification Exam?

  • Beginners who wish to obtain certification as Salesforce CPQ consultants
  • CPQ Consultants
  • Experts in Financial Cloud
  • Salesforce Advisors
  • Users of Salesforce
  • Admins for Salesforce

Generally, the Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist has one year of CPQ Specialist experience. The potential candidate for Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialist has knowledge of the following ideas in addition to expertise with the Salesforce CPQ solution:

  • Configure product rules and bundles (features, alternatives, option constraints, and configuration attributes).
  • Understand the quote calculation sequence and quote line pricing fields and configure price regulations using lookup objects and formula fields.
  • Determine the proper pricing strategy for a given circumstance (Discount Schedules, subscription pricing, Contracted Prices, block pricing, percent-of-total).
  • Use Line Columns, Quote Terms, Template Sections, and Template Content to set up a dynamic quote template.
  • Create quotes for renewal and amendment.
  • Fix pricing problems, data flow problems, fundamental Price Rules, and Product Rules problems.
  • Use the contracting and ordering procedures.
  • Organize your price books, products, and price book entries.
  • Know about setting field settings, record kinds, page layouts, and user permissions.
  • Understanding of advanced and native approvals
  • Familiarity with the CPQ object data model
  • Have knowledge about managed package considerations and CPQ package level parameters.
  • Configure Search Filters and Custom Actions to choose and set up products.
  • A composite Summary Variable should be used.

Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification Exam Guide

Format Multiple-choice questions 
Number of Questions60 + 5 unscored questions
Time Allotted105 minutes
Passing score67% or at least 38 correct answers
Registration Cost: USD 200 with additional applicable taxes
Retake Cost: USD 100 with additional applicable taxes
Delivery options: Onsite ExamOnline Exam
Exam Outline and WeightageCPQ Platform: 23%Bundle Configurations: 17%Pricing: 16%Quote Templates: 7%Product Selection: 7%Orders, Contracts, Amendments, and Renewals: 15%Products: 11%Approvals: 4%

Take Note:

  • Onsite proctored exam: To administer the qualifying exam, Salesforce partners with Kryterion, a global network of testing facilities.
  • Proctored online exam: You may take Salesforce certification exams remotely from your computer thanks to online proctoring. A proctor monitors the tests using a webcam.
  • Along with the 60-scored questions on your test, there will be an additional five unscored questions that will not affect your final grade in any way.

Course Outline for Salesforce CPQ Specialist Certification Exam

1. CPQ Platform

You will discover that a lot of information is packed under this topic, which makes up the largest part of the exam (a staggering 23%). This section essentially summarizes what CPQ is. If you can answer these questions, it demonstrates that you have a firm grasp of how to apply CPQ. This category includes:

  • To fulfill business needs, create, set up, and debug pricing rules utilizing lookup objects and formula fields.
  • Demonstrate understanding of CPQ data flow between CPQ objects given a business process.
  • Use your understanding of the quote calculation process and quote line pricing parameters to satisfy price and business needs.
  • Make advantage of pre-configured and record types, customized permissions, field settings, and page styles to make sure users can complete their tasks.
  • Show that you are knowledgeable about data migration in the CPQ object data model.
  • Set up CPQ with localization and many currencies for users and customers worldly.

2.  Bundle Configurations

At least 10 questions will be from this part. You must be familiar with configuration attributes. The use of Product Rules and how to put them up is covered in this.

  • Create a bundle structure according to a scenario’s specifications.
  • Create product rules according to a situation to satisfy business needs.

3.  Pricing

At least ten Salesforce SPQ Specialist Exam Questions will be from this part. It is the third-largest group of test questions. You must be able to decide when to apply a discount schedule, understand the many kinds of block pricing, and know how to address any issues relating to the subscription price.

  • Determine the proper pricing strategy for a circumstance. Such as
  • Discount schedules
  • Block pricing
  • Contracted prices
  • Subscription pricing
  • Percent-of-total
  • Usage-based pricing
  • Determine projected pricing results in light of a circumstance.

4.  Quote Templates

Your understanding of everything connected to templates will be tested, in this part. Whether the way fields can be displayed or adding a watermark to your document. It includes

  • Overview of the quote template
  • How to Format Your Quote Documents
  • Display Template Sections 
  • Display Line Columns 
  • Options for Line Item Printing

5.  Product Selection

When given a business scenario, you should be able to identify the fields that must be filled out and when to employ Product Options and Features. You should know the use of field sets, search filters, and custom actions to enable product configuration and selection for a given circumstance.

6.  Orders, Contracts, Amendments, and Renewals

Despite making up only 15% of the exam, the questions in this part can be highly challenging. Salesforce CPQ has many unique rules in place for all these objects. Therefore, it is crucial to understand how they function and how the standard elements of the objects might come into play.

  • Show that you comprehend the information needed to create orders and contracts.
  • Show that you understand how to create renewal and amendment quotations that satisfy company needs.
  • Explain when to utilize orders, subscriptions, contracts, and assets to satisfy company needs in the given situation.

7.  Products

For this part, it is crucial to have a thorough grasp of how to configure a product, including the attributes on the Product record and how a bundle’s functions operate.

  • Set up goods, price books, and price book entries using demonstrations.
  • Show how the product catalog configuration affects the entire CPQ data flow.

8.  Approvals

To pass the questions in this section, one should be familiar with the native approval procedure and the advanced approvals unique to CPQ. It includes being familiar with Approval Rules, working with several Approvers and Variables, and helping your organization create complicated approval logic.

Salesforce CPQ Study Material

If you want to earn the Salesforce CPQ Specialist certification, the contents on this page are worthwhile to study. Follow the order of the list.

·   Going through the Exam Guide

You need first to have a broad understanding of the CPQ Exam. Read the guide part of this blog carefully to become familiar with the exam’s subject matter. Additionally, you may go to Trailhead Exam Guide.

·   Self-Study

If you like to study for this certification without enrolling in any course you will need to go through each topic enlisted in the module and exam outline guide. You can also find Salesforce CPQ training material for self-study at Trailmix: Prepare for Your Salesforce CPQ Specialist Credential.

·   Training course

Visit Trailhead Academy to sign up for courses taught by industry professionals if you seek to improve your Salesforce skill set. If you want to get a Salesforce CPQ training course, you can get enroll in Configure and Administer a Salesforce CPQ Solution (CPQ301) course by Trailhead.

You may also obtain documentation, worksheets, and user manuals via Salesforce Help.

·  Exam Dumps and Practice Papers

Practicing dumps and papers can help you in a better understanding of questions. The practice questions gave you an idea about how questions can appear in exams. Moreover, you can also access your preparation for the certification exam with these dumps. For updated Salesforce CPQ Specialist dumps, visit

Salesforce CPQ Exams Preparation Tips:

  • Use the official Trailhead Exam Guide as your revision resource by bookmarking it.
  • Make sure that you properly try out the features and concepts in a Developer Org or a Trailhead Playground in addition to reading about them. It will guarantee that you address all functionalities and get you ready for some specific inquiries.
  • Schedule your exam for a deadline to work toward when you are comfortable with some of the courses. It will inspire you to study diligently, go through all the material, and ace the test.
  • Try as many exam dumps as you can. For this, you can also visit

Salesforce CPQ Specialist Jobs

A certified Salesforce CPQ Specialist can apply for the following Job Posts.

  • IT
  • Pricing Manager
  • Sales Ops
  • Product Manager
  • Technical Architect
  • Implementation Consultant
  • Services

Salesforce CPQ Specialist Job Requirements

We have to go through different job descriptions and add to gather some information for you. The following knowledge and skills are included in the requirements list of the Salesforce CPQ Specialist Job Descriptions.

  • 3+ years of experience overseeing a Quote-to-Cash program,
  • Should have knowledge of CPQ and Contract Management (e.g., Salesforce CPQ, Apptus, Big Machines, etc.)
  • Have competency in Salesforce CPQ and the desire to get the certification.
  • Advanced understanding of all Salesforce CPQ features and practical experience; exposure to Conga is desirable
  • Knowledge of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • Required: Salesforce instance management experience. Preferable exposure to numerous Salesforce instances.
  • Should possess in-depth knowledge of Salesforce administration.
  • Certification for sales consultants is desirable.
  • Includes enhanced capacity to comprehend and evaluate how Salesforce might be used to enhance company operations.
  • Should have excellent project management and problem-solving abilities.
  • Must have a track record of success working both individually and collaboratively.
  • Have a track record of juggling several projects, deadlines, and deliverables in an effective manner.

Salesforce CPQ Specialist Salary

The salary range of a certified Salesforce CPQ Specialist is $87K – $120K. 

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What exactly does CPQ mean?

Configure, Price, and Quote.

CPQ, or configure, price, quote, is a business software program made for sales teams to accurately present product options and costs.

What does a Salesforce CPQ specialist do?

Salesforce Certified CPQ Specialists will have shown their capacity to construct package configurations, pricing, output papers, renewals, and revisions once credentialed. 

How much time does learning CPQ require?

This Salesforce CPQ Trailhead Trail was created to show you how to improve team communication and streamline your quoting and billing process. According to Trailhead, you should finish this route in around 2 hours and 20 minutes.

How does Salesforce integrate CPQ?

The Detailed Guide for Implementing Salesforce CPQ is as follows

  • Set broad objectives
  • Improve and record the company’s quote-to-cash (QTC) procedure
  • Rank CPQ Features in Order
  • Start the process of system integration and data updating.
  • Execute Change Management Projects
  • Measure and enhance progress, sixth

Is sales Cloud required for CPQ?

Salesforce CPQ is a distinct product that has to have extra licenses purchased from Salesforce. As usual, when it comes to licensing, talk to your Account Executive before paying the quoted costs. The current price for the Sales Cloud, which is a part of the regular Salesforce CRM license, is available here.

What characteristics does Salesforce CPQ have?

  • Set up your products.
  • Receive savings.
  • Automate renewals and contracts.
  • Benefit from analytics insights.
  • Fully automate the customer lifecycle.

What is the cost of retaking a Salesforce exam?

The Salesforce Admin Certification retake costs $100 plus any relevant taxes.

Is coding necessary for Salesforce CPQ?

Coding knowledge is not necessary for a Salesforce CPQ Specialist.

What are the skills of a Salesforce CPQ Specialist?

  • The capacity to analyze and fix Salesforce CPQ problems.
  • Excellent verbal and written interpersonal, presentation, and communication abilities. Ability to interact with developers on a technical level and at a business level with stakeholders.
  • Practical experience with integrating Salesforce with different data sources via APIs.
  • Proficiency with Salesforce’s mobile app modification.
  • Capacity to learn rapidly and pay attention to details.
  • The capacity to function professionally and quietly under duress.
  • The capacity to operate productively in a virtual environment from a home office.

What do I need to prepare for Salesforce Certification Exams?

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