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An Easy Guide To Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification

Marketing is the key to the success of every business in the modern world. Experienced marketers are aware of the best strategies that one can use in creating compelling content that constructs a promoted social media campaign. Many years of experimentation and learning are needed to be the most effective marketers. After all, differentiating yourself in a business as crowded as digital marketing may be difficult. At this point, marketing certifications come into play

The most confusing task is deciding which marketing certification is right for you. Unfortunately, many worthless marketing certificates are still available. We have made some effort for you by sifting through numerous marketing certification programs and filtering through data to determine the best certification to pursue.

Salesforce is booming globally and notably in the IT sector because of increasing demand and generous compensation packages. Let’s advance your career with Salesforce Certifications.

Salesforce Certifications

A Salesforce certification is a comprehensive and rapid approach to validating your professional expertise. You can demonstrate your working skills and understanding of various platforms, apps, and tools with the help of these certifications. One of the top offered certifications by Salesforce is the Marketing cloud administrator exam.

The Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud Administrator program is for professionals capable of configuring Marketing Cloud products under the best marketing and industrial practices. The certified candidate will be able to manage the Marketing Cloud platform, respond to frequent business requirements, and carry out administrative tasks inside Marketing Cloud.

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salesforce marketing cloud administrator

Ideal Candidates for Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification

A Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator should ideally have at least 3-6 months of Marketing Cloud administration experience in the following areas. 

  • Understanding of compliance with digital marketing
  • Knowledge of Account configuration, comprising business unit structure, permissions, and security.
  • Determine the optimal security measures for managing data, users, and permissions.
  • Evaluating the quality of data
  • Understanding Marketing Cloud integration services (FTP, API, MC Connect)
  • Managing data for subscribers 
  • Set up Marketing Cloud products, i.e., builders and studios.
  • Marketing Cloud extension product 
  • Resolve account configuration and user request
  • Knowledge of features like Interaction Studio, Audience Builder, etc.)

Basic Details for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Exam

Test Type: 60 multiple-choice questions 
Time allotted: 105 minutes
Passing score67%
Registration fee: USD 200 plus applicable taxes
Retake fee: USD 100 plus applicable taxes
Delivery options: Proctored exam delivered onsite at a testing center An online proctored environment. 
Exam Outline and WeightingDigital Marketing Proficiency: 13%Subscriber Data Management: 18%Setup: 38%Channel Management: 16%Maintenance: 15%

Discover more about the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator test on the official website.

Exam topics that make your certification exam easier

Salesforce marketing cloud administrator certification

1. Digital Marketing Proficiency

  • Explain governance and compliance in the context of digital marketing.
  • Such as understanding the purposes of Marketing Cloud, data protection compliances like GDPR, CCPA, and many more.
  • Recognize data, permissions, and PII security best practices.

For this, you ought to be familiar with the security areas, such as

  • MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) system and passwords configuration,
  • SQL Server’s built-in protection technologies for Transparent Data Encryption.
  • Implementing login with SAML and SSO 
  • Recognizing the Audit Trail functionality to keep track of user activity.
  • The use of SSL Certificates, such as CloudPage URLs
  • Form Submission Security
  • Several Other Security Practices
  • Describe the product inventories and product options in Marketing Cloud.
  • It includes understanding when to use tools such as Journey Builder, Interaction Studio, Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Advertising Studio, Social Studio, Dataroma, Google Analytics 360, and so on.

2.    Subscriber Data Management

  • Describe the contact model for the given situation.
    • Learn about the Contact Builder use case.
    • How to Consolidate and Arrange Data from Any Sources Using Data Designer
    • Recognize the distinction between Contacts and Subscribers.
    • Recognize Contact Key and ID
    • Recognize Marketing Cloud Connect and Subscribers Key.
  • Evaluate the data quality in the context of a situation.
    • Better Data Extension Practices
    • How to Delete Marketing Cloud Data
    • Extensions for Sending Log Data
    • Best Practices for Send Logs

Explain the ideas of preference and profile center.

Learn the difference between Profile Center and Subscription Center.

3.    Setup

  • Configure users/permissions, business units, and security/passwords based on a scenario.
    • Understand the structure of Marketing Cloud Tenants and Business Units.
    • Learn how to manage brand structure and BU sharing capabilities.
    • Introduce yourself to the user configuration procedure.
    • Consider the following subjects: Password Policies, Username & Logins, Login IP Allowlisting, Identify Verification, Connection Security, Data Export Settings, and Audit Trail.
    • Understand the function of permission in the Marketing Cloud (Allow, Deny, or Both).
  • Determine how to set up integrations based on a situation.
    • How can I set up an FTP Account?
    • Learn how to connect SFMC to FTP sites such as SFTP and FTPS Sites.
    • Discover how to set up Single Sign-On.
  • Describe the characteristics of Setup Home.
    • Options are accessible under Home Setup.
    • The potential of Marketing Cloud Setup Assistance
  • Describe the Marketing Cloud extension products.

Learn more about the Marketing Cloud extension products like Brust Sending Prebuilt, Einstein Engagement Scoring, Interaction Studio, and Query Studio.

4. Channel Management

  • Given a situation, describe the settings of Mobile Studio.
    • Keyword management
    • Group Connect
    • Mobile Connect deployment checklist
    • Mobile Push
  • Explain how to configure Email Studio in a given scenario.
    • What is the relationship between IP warming and reputation?
    • Improve email deliverability with SAP 
    • Domain Verification and From Address Management.
    • When should you utilize a Sender Profile and Delivery Profile?
    • Exporting an Email Allowlist
    • Setup Reply Mail Management
  • Specify the configuration of Social Studio and Advertising Studio for the provided situation.
    • How to Activate or Deactivate Accounts in Social Studio
    • Capability in Advertising Studio
    • How to Add Content to Social Studio
  • Explain Journey Builder’s ideas and typical use.
    • Determine the various entry points for Journey Builder.
    • Several possibilities accessible under Journey Builder Canvas.
    • Various choices under “Message Activities.”

   5. Maintenance

  • Demonstrate methods for data extraction and report production within a circumstance.

This topic further includes

  • Standard Explorer reports
    • Reports on Learning and Sharing
    • Super Messages and SQL Activity
    • Marketing Cloud Connect Tracking 
    • Query Studio for Marketing Cloud
  • Monitoring a Marketing Cloud account and giving system availability in response to a situation.
    • How can you check the status of Marketing Cloud?
    • Notification Settings such as  Query Activities, Notifications of trustworthiness, and Import Activity Automations
  • Consider the advantages of Marketing Cloud solutions in a given scenario.
    • Distributed Marketing
    • Marketing Cloud Deployment Manager
    • Personalized Interactions with Einstein

The Marketing Cloud Administrator Exam: Passing Tips

Use these pointers to pass the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator test.

  • Prepare for the exam by earning the Marketing Cloud Email Specialist Certification.
  • In the Marketing Cloud admin exam, setup is supreme ruler.
  • If you have any queries concerning the exam or course, see the Salesforce Credential Code of Conduct rather than relying on the internet.
  • Concentrate on important Marketing Cloud terms. My recommendation is to make a list of critical words and memorize them.
  • When taking your test, pay attention to details and examine all alternatives before picking your answer.
  • Get hands-on practice.

Duties and responsibilities required as a Marketing Administrator

The following are some of the abilities or duties that are required in various job descriptions for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrators:

  • Manage the Marketing Cloud platform’s administration and setup.
  • In charge of the design and technical execution of solutions based on the Marketing Cloud product platform.
  • Convert business and marketing requirements into well-designed solutions.
  • Work with internal IT teams to establish the best route forward for Salesforce platform installation.
  • Improve the efficiency and simplicity of Marketing Cloud configuration and operations.
  • Document and maintain technological processes and digital marketing techniques.
  • Constantly develop the data model and architecture of the Marketing Cloud.

Salary for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator

According to recent research, the yearly income of a Salesforce Administrator ranges from $54k to $75k. When compared to other courses, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certification is one of the certifications that provides a high Return On Investment (ROI). As a result, a Salesforce certification is unquestionably valuable for both individuals and businesses.

Advantages of Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification

  • They improve your marketability in a competitive IT job market and enable you to grow into a marketing expert.
  • It provides flexible training sessions at your convenience. You may become certified in some hours, days, or months and have complete control over your professional path.
  • They provide one or more credentials. The more certifications you have, the better your compensation will be. You can enjoy more payouts.
  • It also allows you to go further into the platform and uncover unique new tools you may not have explored previously.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification programs increase job productivity via hands-on expertise.
  • The number of applications competing for a single post is enormous, and certification assists in screening potential candidates.
  • It allows you to move swiftly around the application and meet client requests at a high accuracy rate.
  • Each company’s response is to focus on consumers since this CRM will be a necessity in the coming years. It will produce a vast pool of work chances for hopefuls.

In a Nutshell

Your goal as a marketer is to keep ahead of the curve. That might be worrisome in a business that evolves so swiftly.  That is why courses and certifications like Marketing Cloud Administrator are so beneficial. They’re short and have reasonable pricing so that you don’t have to leave your day job or apply for a loan to complete them. However, they are comprehensive enough to gain significant information and knowledge. It’s encouraging to see the variety of Salesforce Marketing Cloud certifications grow. It will help you succeed in your marketing career. If you have hands-on expertise in all the areas listed above, passing the test will be a breeze, and you will be able to acquire the Marketing Cloud Administrator certification. All I can say is you can do it.


How challenging is Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification?

In my opinion, the Marketing Cloud Administrator Exam is not one of the more difficult Salesforce exams. It should, however, not be treated lightly. You can do it if you have a firm grasp on your route.

How should I prepare for the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator exam?

Our blog contains the complete course guide. To pass the test, you must comprehend the following concepts at the best level:

1. Proficiency in Digital Marketing

2. Management of Subscriber Data

3. Setup.

4. Channel Management.

5. Maintenance.

Visit Salesforce’s official website for additional details.

Is there a high demand for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator?

Salesforce Marketing Cloud professionals are in great demand since they provide businesses with a competitive advantage. It enables smooth automation and powerful CRM functions, allowing them to provide services to consumers in a personalized manner.

Is it worthwhile to get a Salesforce admin certification?

Numerous Leading multinational organizations are seeking Salesforce specialists, the technology that has revolutionized CRM globally. And obtaining a Salesforce certification is the best way to ensure you have the abilities these firms want.

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What is the Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification test passing score?

To pass the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Exam, you should score at least 67%.

How to add Add a User/Administrator Account in Salesforce.

  1. Choose Admin.
  2. Select Account Settings by clicking it.
  3. Go to My Users.
  4. Press Create.
  5. Put the user’s name here.
  6. Put the return email address.
  7. Enter the email address for the notice.
  8. Type in the username of your choice.
  9. Choose whether this user has permission to utilize the API to access the application.
  10. Type a temporary password twice.
  11. Choose the user’s permissions
  12. In the Marketing Cloud Permissions and Roles section, choose the user’s appropriate roles and apps.
  13. Press Save.

What is the cost of Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification?

The cost of this certification is USD 200 plus applicable taxes. If you want to retake the exam it costs USD 100 along with some applicable taxes.

How long does it require to become a Salesforce Marketing Administrator Certified?

Salesforce Certification typically takes six weeks. However, the time needed to prepare for a Salesforce certification varies on the individual’s experience.

How can I prepare for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certification?

You can have self-study following the course track or module of Google Analytics 360 for Marketing Cloud. Furthermore, you can also get to enroll in expert-led courses at Trailhead Academy.

Is Salesforce Marketing Administration a viable career path?

The marketing industry is greatly expanding, providing excellent prospects for aspiring Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administration professionals.

Sample Questions for Marketing Administration Exam

Q1. A Marketing Cloud administrator can develop customized roles for their company’s business processes.  What factors should be considered in order to achieve this?

  1. One can access custom roles using their Marketing Cloud account.
  2. Custom roles may only be modified by the individual who created them in the first place.
  3. Custom roles are only available inside the business for which they were established.
  4. Granular permission assignments made to individual users are superseded by custom roles.

Answer: D

Q2. Using Path Optimizer, a Marketing Cloud administrator is setting up a trip. 60% of the contacts are to be withheld until a winner is determined.

Which two options need to be chosen before the administrator may set the Holdback percentage?

  1. Journey re-entry settings
  2. Data Extension entry source 
  3. Winner evaluation
  4. Run Once schedule type

Answer: C, D

Q3. The last 30 days’ worth of bounce data from their account has been requested from a Marketing Cloud admin.

What should the administrator utilize to obtain pre-defined, bulk, granular bounce data?

  1. Tracking Studio Automation Extract
  2. Query Activity in the Automation Studio
  3. Downloading bounce data in My Tracking as a CSV
  4. Report on the Discover Deliverability Complaint Rate

Answer: A

Q4. The performance of a certain piece of content within a Triggered Send Email is requested of a Marketing Cloud administrator.

Which report ought to be utilized?

  1. Performance of Emails by Attribute
  2. Content that is Dynamic for Triggered Sends
  3. Tracking Impression for Triggered Sends
  4. Sends Account Send Summary

Answer: C

Q5. An administrator for the Marketing Cloud discovered a File Drop Automation was occurring during the Import File activity. The filename is anticipated to start with customer import_ since the automation is set up with a pattern for filenames. The import is set up to seek for a customer import file %%Year%%%% Month%%%%Day%%. csv, but the administrator observes the filenames add milliseconds and seconds

How should the administrator address the problem?

  1. In the Import File Activity, use %%FILENAME_FROM_TRIGGER%%.
  2. Ensure that the files are uploaded to the proper SFTP subdirectory.
  3. To minimize duplication, make sure the team has a date stamp.
  4. Use the precise file name that was provided as the trigger in the Import File Activity.

Answer: A