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What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a process that equips businesses with tools to increase the efficiency of their business processes. This improvement in performance and decrease in process variance contributes to defect reduction and improvements in profitability, staff morale, and product or service quality. It is also the process of reducing defects and errors by using statistics and data analytics.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a data-driven, fact-based improvement methodology that prioritizes defect prevention above defect identification. It improves customer satisfaction and bottom-line outcomes by lowering variance, waste, and cycle time while encouraging the use of work standardization and flow, resulting in a competitive advantage. It is applicable everywhere there is variance and waste, and every employee should be involved.

Lean Six Sigma Certification

The lean six sigma certification validates your skills to apply the lean six sigma methodology to solve business problems and to reduce business defects and errors. The certification comes in hierarchal levels including yellow, green, and black belt- the top certification or master level.

Benefits of Six Sigma Certification

There are many companies and areas in which six sigma techniques and methodologies have been applied like HR, marketing, finance, telecom, banking, and aerospace. Earning such certification validates advanced skills to streamline business processes, reduce errors & costs and increase revenue. Moreover, these certifications will help you earn managerial positions with advanced and modern six sigma techniques. Many international companies hired candidates having sigma certification frequently. 3M, Abbott Laboratories, General Electric, The Hershey Company, IBM, Honeywell, Newell Rubbermaid, Siemens, and Wells Fargo are among the companies that consistently hire candidates for Sigma Six roles. The salary of candidates for six sigma roles is also promising. The salary range falls between $68k to $110k depending upon the belt you have and your country. Six sigma is the leading career pathway and there are many job roles offered by companies for candidates. Certifications play an important role in growing a career. In this blog, you have been given a complete guide on lean six sigma certifications. By giving it a read, you will know about the lean six sigma certification level and which is best for you.

Top Lean Six Sigma Certification

1. IASSC- Certified Lean Sigma Yellow Belt

2. IASSC- Certified Lean Sigma Green Belt

3. IASSC- Certified Lean Sigma Black Belt

4. ASQ- Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification

5. ASQ- Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

6. ASQ- Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

7. Villanova- Six Sigma Green Belt

8. Villanova- Lean Sensei

9. Villanova- Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

10. Villanova- Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt

How can you ace Six Sigma Certification?

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Earning a certification in lean six sigma can support you in many terms. It can profit you by becoming the career ladder or may advance your career. The six sigma certification comes in yellow, black, or green belts with yellow meaning the foundational and black meaning the expert level. As the level increases, the perks and benefits attached also increase. Concluding, the above explained six sigma certification is a way to go if you want to progress in fields that implement six sigma methodologies.


The Lean Six Sigma training assists in validating professionals who are capable of recognizing and removing risks, errors, or flaws in a business process. Obtaining Six Sigma training and certification typically necessitates a specific amount of expertise and the demonstration of competency.

Lean Six Sigma certification is excellent for increasing your pay and advancing your career. And it is worthwhile for your organization, which will profit from the cost reductions and increase revenue. There is a lot of organization department which need six sigma candidates like HR, marketing, Finance, and banking. So, it is a way to go in 2023.

If you want to earn a certification, you can earn one from the following institutes i.e. IASSC, AQS, or Villanova. But overall, the American Society for Quality (ASQ) is the finest overall Six Sigma Certification provider because of its worldwide standing. 

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt exam is quite difficult to pass on the first try than other six sigma exams. Many students prepare for months and then fail. Good study materials and dedicated study are required to pass the exam. You can get the best study material for the lean sigma exam from Certspilot.

A six sigma certified expert makes more than Rs. 20 lakhs per year in India.

You can choose one of both for certification but Master black belt credentials should only be obtained through ASQ, as IASSC does not grant this certification. 

There are six levels:

  • White Belt
  • Yellow Belt
  • Green Belt
  • Black Belt
  • Master Black Belt
  • Champion

No. The Yellow Belt course is not required before taking the Green Belt course but lean six sigma training is recommended but not compulsory.

A Green Belt is skilled in Six Sigma and has begun its journey toward the expert. Those who get a Black Belt are prepared to take on leadership responsibilities, positioning themselves as specialists in process improvement and change management.

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