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CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) Dumps 2022 Updated with Free CAS-003 Practice Exam

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1. A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is developing a new BIA for the organization. The CISO wants to gather requirements to determine the appropriate RTO and RPO for the organization’s ERP. Which of the following should the CISO interview as MOST qualified to provide RTO/RPO metrics?

2. A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) requests the following external hosted services be scanned for malware, unsecured PII, and healthcare data:

Corporate intranet site Online storage application Email and collaboration suite

Security policy also is updated to allow the security team to scan and detect any bulk downloads of corporate data from the company’s intranet and online storage site. Which of the following is needed to comply with the corporate security policy and the CISO’s request?

3. Several recent ransomware outbreaks at a company have cost a significant amount of lost revenue. The security team needs to find a technical control mechanism that will meet the following requirements and aid in preventing these outbreaks:

Stop malicious software that does not match a signature Report on instances of suspicious behavior

Protect from previously unknown threats Augment existing security capabilities

Which of the following tools would BEST meet these requirements?


4. A company that has been breached multiple times is looking to protect cardholder data. The previous undetected attacks all mimicked normal administrative-type behavior. The company must deploy a host solution to meet the following requirements:

Detect administrative actions Block unwanted MD5 hashes Provide alerts

Stop exfiltration of cardholder data

Which of the following solutions would BEST meet these requirements? (Choose two.)

5. A security engineer is employed by a hospital that was recently purchased by a corporation. Throughout the acquisition process, all data on the virtualized file servers must be shared by departments within both organizations. The security engineer considers data ownership to determine:

6. A security analyst is reviewing the following packet capture of communication between a host and a company’s router:

Which of the following actions should the security analyst take to remove this vulnerability?

7. An information security manager conducted a gap analysis, which revealed a 75% implementation of security controls for high-risk vulnerabilities, 90% for medium vulnerabilities, and 10% for low-risk vulnerabilities. To create a road map to close the identified gaps, the assurance team reviewed the likelihood of exploitation of each vulnerability and the business impact of each associated control. To determine which controls to implement, which of the following is the MOST important to consider?

8. A development team is testing an in-house-developed application for bugs. During the test, the application crashes several times due to null pointer exceptions. Which of the following tools, if integrated into an IDE during coding, would identify these bugs routinely?

9. A legacy web application, which is being used by a hospital, cannot be upgraded for 12 months. A new vulnerability is found in the legacy application, and the networking team is tasked with mitigation. Middleware for mitigation will cost $100,000 per year. Which of the following must be calculated to determine ROI? (Choose two.)

10. A security engineer is assisting a developer with input validation, and they are studying the following code block:

The security engineer wants to ensure strong input validation is in place for customer-provided account identifiers. These identifiers are ten-digit numbers. The developer wants to ensure input validation is fast because a large number of people use the system.

Which of the following would be the BEST advice for the security engineer to give to the developer?

11. A project manager is working with a software development group to collect and evaluate user stories related to the organization’s internally designed CRM tool. After defining requirements, the project manager would like to validate the developer’s interpretation and understanding of the user’s request. Which of the following would BEST support this objective?

12. A network printer needs Internet access to function. Corporate policy states all devices allowed on the network must be authenticated. Which of the following is the MOST secure method to allow the printer on the network without violating policy?

13. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of an e-retailer, which has an established security department, identifies a customer who has been using a fraudulent credit card. The CISO calls the local authorities, and when they arrive on-site, the authorities ask a security engineer to create a point-in-time copy of the running database in their presence. This is an example of:

14. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of an e-retailer, which has an established security department, identifies a customer who has been using a fraudulent credit card. The CISO calls the local authorities, and when they arrive on-site, the authorities ask a security engineer to create a point-in-time copy of the running database in their presence. This is an example of:

15. A technician is configuring security options on the mobile device manager for users who often utilize public Internet connections while travelling. After ensuring that full disk encryption is enabled, which of the following security measures should the technician take? (Choose two.)

16. A systems administrator receives an advisory email that a recently discovered exploit is being used in another country and the financial institutions have ceased operations while they find a way to respond to the attack.

Which of the following BEST describes where the administrator should look to find information on the attack to determine if a response must be prepared for the systems? (Choose two.)

17. A security assessor is working with an organization to review the policies and procedures associated with managing the organization’s virtual infrastructure. During a review of the virtual environment, the assessor determines the organization is using servers to provide more than one primary function, which violates a regulatory requirement. The assessor reviews hardening guides and determines policy allows for this configuration. It would be MOST appropriate for the assessor to advise the organization to:

18. While conducting a BIA for a proposed acquisition, the IT integration team found that both companies outsource CRM services to competing and incompatible third-party cloud services. The decision has been made to bring the CRM service in-house, and the IT team has chosen a future solution. With which of the following should the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) be MOST concerned? (Choose two.)

19. A newly hired Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is reviewing the organization’s security budget from the previous year. The CISO notices $100,000 worth of fines were paid for not properly encrypting outbound email messages. The CISO expects next year’s costs associated with fines to double and the volume of messages to increase by 100%. The organization sent out approximately 25,000 messages per year over the last three years. Given the table below:                                                           

Which of the following would be BEST for the CISO to include in this year’s budget?

20. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) suspects that a database administrator has been tampering with financial data to the administrator’s advantage. Which of the following would allow a third-party consultant to conduct an on-site review of the administrator’s activity?

21. While investigating suspicious activity on a server, a security administrator runs the following report:

In addition, the administrator notices changes to the /etc/shadow file that were not listed in the report. Which of the following BEST describe this scenario? (Choose two.)

22. Following the successful response to a data-leakage incident, the incident team lead facilitates an exercise that focuses on continuous improvement of the organization’s incident response capabilities. Which of the following activities has the incident team lead executed?

23. Following a recent network intrusion, a company wants to determine the current security awareness of all of its employees. Which of the following is the BEST way to test awareness?

24. A company’s security policy states any remote connections must be validated using two forms of network- based authentication. It also states local administrative accounts should not be used for any remote access. PKI currently is not configured within the network. RSA tokens have been provided to all employees, as well as a mobile application that can be used for 2FA authentication. A new NGFW has been installed within the network to provide security for external connections, and the company has decided to use it for VPN connections as well. Which of the following should be configured? (Choose two.)

25. The finance department has started to use a new payment system that requires strict PII security restrictions on various network devices. The company decides to enforce the restrictions and configure all devices appropriately. Which of the following risk response strategies is being used?

26. A security administrator is updating a company’s SCADA authentication system with a new application. To ensure interoperability between the legacy system and the new application, which of the following stakeholders should be involved in the configuration process before deployment? (Choose two.)

27. A security analyst is classifying data based on input from data owners and other stakeholders. The analyst has identified three data types:

Financially sensitive data
Project data
Sensitive project data

The analyst proposes that the data be protected in two major groups, with further access control separating the financially sensitive data from the sensitive project data. The normal project data will be stored in a separate, less secure location. Some stakeholders are concerned about the recommended approach and insist that commingling data from different sensitive projects would leave them vulnerable to industrial espionage.

Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the analyst to recommend?

28. A government contractor was the victim of a malicious attack that resulted in the theft of sensitive information. An analyst’s subsequent investigation of sensitive systems led to the following discoveries:

There was no indication of the data owner’s or user’s accounts being compromised. No database activity outside of previous baselines was discovered.

All workstations and servers were fully patched for all known vulnerabilities at the time of the attack. It was likely not an insider threat, as all employees passed polygraph tests.

Given this scenario, which of the following is the MOST likely attack that occurred?

29. A networking administrator was recently promoted to security administrator in an organization that handles highly sensitive data. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has just asked for all IT security personnel to review a zero-day vulnerability and exploit for specific application servers to help mitigate the organization’s exposure to that risk. Which of the following should the new security administrator review to gain more information? (Choose three.)

30. A company has decided to replace all the T-1 uplinks at each regional office and move away from using the existing MPLS network. All regional sites will use high-speed connections and VPNs to connect back to the main campus. Which of the following devices would MOST likely be added at each location?

31. An external red team is brought into an organization to perform a penetration test of a new network-based application. The organization deploying the network application wants the red team to act like remote, external attackers, and instructs the team to use a black-box approach. Which of the following is the BEST methodology for the red team to follow?

32. First responders, who are part of a core incident response team, have been working to contain an outbreak of

ransomware that also led to data loss. In a rush to isolate the three hosts that were calling out to the NAS to encrypt whole directories, the hosts were shut down immediately without investigation and then isolated.

Which of the following were missed? (Choose two.)

33. A regional business is expecting a severe winter storm next week. The IT staff has been reviewing corporate policies on how to handle various situations and found some are missing or incomplete. After reporting this gap in documentation to the information security manager, a document is immediately drafted to move various personnel to other locations to avoid downtime in operations. This is an example of:

A regional business is expecting a severe winter storm next week. The IT staff has been reviewing corporate policies on how to handle various situations and found some are missing or incomplete. After reporting this gap in documentation to the information security manager, a document is immediately drafted to move various personnel to other locations to avoid downtime in operations. This is an example of:

34. A security engineer successfully exploits an application during a penetration test. As proof of the exploit, the security engineer takes screenshots of how data was compromised in the application. Given the information below from the screenshot.

Which of the following tools was MOST likely used to exploit the application?

35. A security engineer is analyzing an application during a security assessment to ensure it is configured to protect against common threats. Given the output below:                                                                             

Which of the following tools did the security engineer MOST likely use to generate this output?

36. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a major hospital system has received a ransom letter that demands a large sum of cryptocurrency be transferred to an anonymous account. If the transfer does not take place within ten hours, the letter states that patient information will be released on the dark web. A partial listing of recent patients is included in the letter. This is the first indication that a breach took place. Which of the following steps should be done FIRST?

37. A project manager is working with system owners to develop maintenance windows for system patching and upgrades in a cloud-based PaaS environment. Management has indicated one maintenance windows will be authorized per month, but clients have stated they require quarterly maintenance windows to meet their obligations. Which of the following documents should the project manager review?

38. A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is working with a consultant to perform a gap assessment prior to an upcoming audit. It is determined during the assessment that the organization lacks controls to effectively assess regulatory compliance by third-party service providers. Which of the following should be revised to address this gap?

39. Joe, a penetration tester, is assessing the security of an application binary provided to him by his client. Which of the following methods would be the MOST effective in reaching this objective?

40. A security administrator is advocating for enforcement of a new policy that would require employers with privileged access accounts to undergo periodic inspections and review of certain job performance data. To which of the following policies is the security administrator MOST likely referring?

41. An organization is reviewing endpoint security solutions. In evaluating products, the organization has the following requirements:

Support server, laptop, and desktop infrastructure
Due to limited security resources, implement active protection capabilities
Provide users with the ability to self-service classify information and apply policies
Protect data-at-rest and data-in-use

Which of the following endpoint capabilities would BEST meet the above requirements? (Choose two.)

42. A company is migrating systems from an on-premises facility to a third-party managed datacenter. For continuity of operations and business agility, remote access to all hardware platforms must be available at all times. Access controls need to be very robust and provide an audit trail. Which of the following security controls will meet the company’s objectives? (Choose two.)

43. A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) implemented MFA for all accounts in parallel with the BYOD policy. After the implementation, employees report the increased authentication method is causing increased time to tasks. This applies both to accessing the email client on the workstation and the online collaboration portal.

Which of the following should be the CISO implement to address the employees’ concerns?

44. A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of a large financial institution undergoing an IT transformation program wants to embed security across the business rapidly and across as many layers of the business as possible to achieve quick wins and reduce risk to the organization. Which of the following business areas should the CISO target FIRST to best meet the objective?

45. A security administrator is concerned about the increasing number of users who click on malicious links contained within phishing emails. Although the company has implemented a process to block these links at the network perimeter, many accounts are still becoming compromised. Which of the following should be implemented for further reduce the number of account compromises caused by remote users who click these links?

46. A university’s help desk is receiving reports that Internet access on campus is not functioning. The network administrator looks at the management tools and sees the 1Gbps Internet is completely saturated with ingress traffic. The administrator sees the following output on the Internet router                                                                                                                                                   

The administrator calls the university’s ISP for assistance, but it takes more than four hours to speak to a network engineer who can resolve the problem. Based on the information above, which of the following should the ISP engineer do to resolve the issue?

47. A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) recently changed jobs into a new industry. The CISO’s first task is to write a new, relevant risk assessment for the organization. Which of the following would BEST help the CISO find relevant risks to the organization? (Choose two.)

48. A security engineer is investigating a compromise that occurred between two internal computers. The engineer has determined during the investigation that one computer infected another. While reviewing the IDS logs, the engineer can view the outbound callback traffic, but sees no traffic between the two computers. Which of the following would BEST address the IDS visibility gap?

49. As part of incident response, a technician is taking an image of a compromised system and copying the image to a remote image server ( The system drive is very large but does not contain the sensitive data. The technician has limited time to complete this task. Which of the following is the BEST command for the technician to run?

50. A network administrator is concerned about a particular server that is attacked occasionally from hosts on the Internet. The server is not critical; however, the attacks impact the rest of the network.

While the company’s current ISP is cost effective, the ISP is slow to respond to reported issues. The administrator needs to be able to mitigate the effects of an attack immediately without opening a trouble ticket with the ISP. The ISP is willing to accept a very small network route advertised with a particular BGP community string. Which of the following is the BEST way for the administrator to mitigate the effects of these attacks?

51. A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) needs to establish a KRI for a particular system. The system holds archives of contracts that are no longer in use. The contracts contain intellectual property and have a data classification of non-public. Which of the following be the BEST risk indicator for this system?

52. Staff members are reporting an unusual number of device thefts associated with time out of the office. Thefts increased soon after the company deployed a new social networking application. Which of the following should the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) recommend implementing?

53. A security engineer is assessing a new IoT product. The product interfaces with the ODBII port of a vehicle and uses a Bluetooth connection to relay data to an onboard data logger located in the vehicle. The data logger can only transfer data over a custom USB cable. The engineer suspects a replay attack is possible against the cryptographic implementation used to secure messages between segments of the system. Which of the following tools should the engineer use to confirm the analysis?

54. A recent security assessment revealed a web application may be vulnerable to clickjacking. According to the application developers, a fix may be months away. Which of the following should a security engineer configure on the web server to help mitigate the issue?

55. A developer is reviewing the following transaction logs from a web application:

Username: John Doe Street name: Main St.

Street number: <script>alert(‘test’)</alert>

Which of the following code snippets should the developer implement given the above transaction logs?

56. A manufacturing company recently recovered from an attack on its ICS devices. It has since reduced the attack surface by isolating the affected components. The company now wants to implement detection capabilities. It is considering a system that is based on machine learning. Which of the following features would BEST describe the driver to adopt such nascent technology over mainstream commercial IDSs?

57. An engineer is reviewing the security architecture for an enterprise network. During the review, the engineer notices an undocumented node on the network. Which of the following approaches can be utilized to determine how this node operates? (Choose two.)

58. A security administrator is reviewing the following output from an offline password audit                   

Which of the following should the systems administrator implement to BEST address this audit finding? (Choose two.)

59. A corporate forensic investigator has been asked to acquire five forensic images of an employee database application. There are three images to capture in the United States, one in the United Kingdom, and one in Germany. Upon completing the work, the forensics investigator saves the images to a local workstation. Which of the following types of concerns should the forensic investigator have about this work assignment?

60. A security consultant is performing a penetration test on and wants to discover the DNS administrator’s email address to use in a later social engineering attack. The information listed with the DNS registrar is private. Which of the following commands will also disclose the email address?

61. Ann, a corporate executive, has been the recent target of increasing attempts to obtain corporate secrets by competitors through advanced, well-funded means. Ann frequently leaves her laptop unattended and physically unsecure in hotel rooms during travel. A security engineer must find a practical solution for Ann that minimizes the need for user training. Which of the following is the BEST solution in this scenario?

62. An internal application has been developed to increase the efficiency of an operational process of a global manufacturer. New code was implemented to fix a security bug, but it has caused operations to halt. The executive team has decided fixing the security bug is less important than continuing operations.

Which of the following would BEST support immediate rollback of the failed fix? (Choose two.)

63. An analyst is investigating anomalous behavior on a corporate-owned, corporate-managed mobile device with application whitelisting enabled, based on a name string. The employee to whom the device is assigned reports the approved email client is displaying warning messages that can launch browser windows and is adding unrecognized email addresses to the “compose” window.

Which of the following would provide the analyst the BEST chance of understanding and characterizing the malicious behavior?

64. A security appliance vendor is reviewing an RFP that is requesting solutions for the defense of a set of web- based applications. This RFP is from a financial institution with very strict performance requirements. The vendor would like to respond with its solutions.

Before responding, which of the following factors is MOST likely to have an adverse effect on the vendor’s qualifications?

65. A vulnerability was recently announced that allows a malicious user to gain root privileges on other virtual machines running within the same hardware cluster. Customers of which of the following cloud-based solutions should be MOST concerned about this vulnerability?

66. Company leadership believes employees are experiencing an increased number of cyber attacks; however, the metrics do not show this. Currently, the company uses “Number of successful phishing attacks” as a KRI, but it does not show an increase.

Which of the following additional information should be the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) include in the report?

67. An organization’s network security administrator has been using an SSH connection to manage switches and routers for several years. After attempting to connect to a router, an alert appears on the terminal emulation software, warning that the SSH key has changed.

After confirming the administrator is using the typical workstation and the router has not been replaced, which of the following are the MOST likely explanations for the warning message? (Choose two.)

68. Following a recent outage, a systems administrator is conducting a study to determine a suitable bench stock on server hard drives.

Which of the following metrics is MOST valuable to the administrator in determining how many hard drives to keep-on hand?

69. A school contracts with a vendor to devise a solution that will enable the school library to lend out tablet computers to students while on site. The tablets must adhere to string security and privacy practices. The school’s key requirements are to:

Maintain privacy of students in case of loss Have a theft detection control in place

Be compliant with defined disability requirements Have a four-hour minimum battery life

Which of the following should be configured to BEST meet the requirements? (Choose two.)

70. A project manager is working with a software development group to collect and evaluate user scenarios related to the organization’s internally designed data analytics tool. While reviewing stakeholder input, the project manager would like to formally document the needs of the various stakeholders and the associated organizational compliance objectives supported by the project.

Which of the following would be MOST appropriate to use?

71. A laptop is recovered a few days after it was stolen.

Which of the following should be verified during incident response activities to determine the possible impact of the incident?

72. A laptop is recovered a few days after it was stolen.

Which of the following should be verified during incident response activities to determine the possible impact of the incident?

73. Ann, a security administrator, is conducting an assessment on a new firewall, which was placed at the perimeter of a network containing PII. Ann runs the following commands on a server ( behind the firewall:                                                   

From her own workstation ( outside the firewall, Ann then runs a port scan against the server and records the following packet capture of the port scan:                                                                                                                           

Connectivity to the server from outside the firewall worked as expected prior to executing these commands. Which of the following can be said about the new firewall?

74. A new database application was added to a company’s hosted VM environment. Firewall ACLs were modified to allow database users to access the server remotely. The company’s cloud security broker then identified abnormal from a database user on-site. Upon further investigation, the security team noticed the user ran code on a VM that provided access to the hypervisor directly and access to other sensitive data.

Which of the following should the security team do to help mitigate future attacks within the VM environment? (Choose two.)

75. A penetration testing manager is contributing to an RFP for the purchase of a new platform. The manager has provided the following requirements:

Must be able to MITM web-based protocols

Must be able to find common misconfigurations and security holes

Which of the following types of testing should be included in the testing platform? (Choose two.)

76. An incident responder wants to capture volatile memory comprehensively from a running machine for forensic purposes. The machine is running a very recent release of the Linux OS.

Which of the following technical approaches would be the MOST feasible way to accomplish this capture?

77. A request has been approved for a vendor to access a new internal server using only HTTPS and SSH to manage the back-end system for the portal. Internal users just need HTTP and HTTPS access to all internal web servers. All other external access to the new server and its subnet is not allowed. The security manager must ensure proper access is configured.                                                                                                                                                     

Below is a snippet from the firewall related to that server (access is provided in a top-down model):

Which of the following lines should be configured to allow the proper access? (Choose two.)

78. A firewall specialist has been newly assigned to participate in red team exercises and needs to ensure the skills represent real-world threats.

Which of the following would be the BEST choice to help the new team member learn bleeding-edge techniques?

79. A security engineer is assessing the controls that are in place to secure the corporate-Internet-facing DNS server. The engineer notices that security ACLs exist but are not being used properly. The DNS server should respond to any source but only provide information about domains it has authority over. Additionally, the DNS administrator have identified some problematic IP addresses that should not be able to make DNS requests. Given the ACLs below:                                     

Which of the following should the security administrator configure to meet the DNS security needs? 

80. Following a recent and very large corporate merger, the number of log files an SOC needs to review has approximately tripled. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) has not been allowed to hire any more staff for the SOC, but is looking for other ways to automate the log review process so the SOC receives less noise. Which of the following would BEST reduce log noise for the SOC?

81. An organization is deploying IoT locks, sensors, and cameras, which operate over 802.11, to replace legacy building access control systems. These devices are capable of triggering physical access changes, including locking and unlocking doors and gates. Unfortunately, the devices have known vulnerabilities for which the vendor has yet to provide firmware updates.


Which of the following would BEST mitigate this risk?

82. A security administrator is updating corporate policies to respond to an incident involving collusion between two systems administrators that went undetected for more than six months.

Which of the following policies would have MOST likely uncovered the collusion sooner? (Choose two.)

83. A core router was manipulated by a credentialed bypass to send all network traffic through a secondary router under the control of an unauthorized user connected to the network by WiFi.

Which of the following would BEST reduce the risk of this attack type occurring?

84. An infrastructure team is at the end of a procurement process and has selected a vendor. As part of the final negotiation, there are a number of outstanding issues, including:

Indemnity clauses have identified the maximum
The data will be hosted and managed outside of the company’s geographical

The number of users accessing the system will be small, and no sensitive data will be hosted in the solution. As the security consultant of the project, which of the following should the project’s security consultant recommend as the NEXT step?



85. A security analyst works for a defense contractor that produces classified research on drones. The contractor faces nearly constant attacks from sophisticated nation-state actors and other APIs.

Which of the following would help protect the confidentiality of the research data?

86. A company recently implemented a variety of security services to detect various types of traffic that pose a threat to the company. The following services were enabled within the network:

Scan of specific subsets for vulnerabilities
Categorizing and logging of websitetraffic
Enabling specific ACLs based on application traffic
Sending suspicious files to a third-party site for validation

A report was sent to the security team that identified multiple incidents of users sharing large amounts of data from an on-premise server to a public site. A small percentage of that data also contained malware and spyware

Which of the following services MOST likely identified the behavior and sent the report?

87. An external red team member conducts a penetration test, attempting to gain physical access to a large organization's server room in a branch office. During reconnaissance, the red team member sees a clearly marked door to the server room, located next to the lobby, with a tumbler lock.

Which of the following is BEST for the red team member to bring on site to open the locked door as quickly as possible without causing significant damage?

88. A company relies on an ICS to perform equipment monitoring functions that are federally mandated for operation of the facility. Fines for non-compliance could be costly. The ICS has known vulnerabilities and can no longer be patched or updated. Cyber-liability insurance cannot be obtained because insurance companies will not insure this equipment.

Which of the following would be the BEST option to manage this risk to the company's production environment?

89. During a sprint, developers are responsible for ensuring the expected outcome of a change is thoroughly evaluated for any security impacts. Any impacts must be reported to the team lead. Before changes are made to the source code, which of the following MUST be performed to provide the required information to the team lead?

90. An organization is currently working with a client to migrate data between a legacy ERP system and a cloud- based ERP tool using a global PaaS provider. As part of the engagement, the organization is performing data deduplication and sanitization of client data to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for the need to sanitize the client data? (Choose two.)

91. A company recently implemented a new cloud storage solution and installed the required synchronization client on all company devices. A few months later, a breach of sensitive data was discovered. Root cause analysis shows the data breach happened from a lost personal mobile device.

Which of the following controls can the organization implement to reduce the risk of similar breaches?

92. A vendor develops a mobile application for global customers. The mobile application supports advanced encryption of data between the source (the mobile device) and the destination (the organization’s ERP system).

As part of the vendor’s compliance program, which of the following would be important to take into account?

93. A security engineer is working to secure an organization’s VMs. While reviewing the workflow for creating VMs on demand, the engineer raises a concern about the integrity of the secure boot process of the VM guest.

Which of the following would BEST address this concern?

94. When implementing a penetration testing program, the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) designates different organizational groups within the organization as having different responsibilities, attack vectors, and rules of engagement. First, the CISO designates a team to operate from within the corporate environment. This team is commonly referred to as:

95. An enterprise’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) are meeting to discuss ongoing capacity and resource planning issues. The enterprise has experienced rapid, massive growth over the last 12 months, and the technology department is stretched thin for resources. A new accounting service is required to support the enterprise’s growth, but the only available compute resources that meet the accounting service requirements are on the virtual platform, which is hosting the enterprise’s website.

Which of the following should the CISO be MOST concerned about?

96. A regional transportation and logistics company recently hired its first Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). The CISO’s first project after onboarding involved performing a vulnerability assessment against the company’s public facing network. The completed scan found a legacy collaboration platform application with a critically rated vulnerability. While discussing this issue with the line of business, the CISO learns the vulnerable application cannot be updated without the company incurring significant losses due to downtime or new software purchases.

Which of the following BEST addresses these concerns?

97. Ann, a retiring employee, cleaned out her desk. The next day, Ann’s manager notices company equipment that was supposed to remain at her desk is now missing.

Which of the following would reduce the risk of this occurring in the future?

98. A security analyst for a bank received an anonymous tip on the external banking website showing the following:


Protocols supported


Cipher suites supported



Weak PFS

OCSP stapling supported

Which of the following should the analyst use to reproduce these findings comprehensively?

99. A company is moving all of its web applications to an SSO configuration using SAML. Some employees report that when signing in to an application, they get an error message on the login screen after entering their username and password, and are denied access. When they access another system that has been converted to the new SSO authentication model, they are able to authenticate successfully without being prompted for login.

Which of the following is MOST likely the issue?

100. A penetration tester is trying to gain access to a remote system. The tester is able to see the secure login page

and knows one user account and email address, but has not yet discovered a password.

Which of the following would be the EASIEST method of obtaining a password for the known account?

101. A technician is reviewing the following log:                                                                                                     

Which of the following tools should the organization implement to reduce the highest risk identified in this log?

102. A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is creating a security committee involving multiple business units of the corporation.

Which of the following is the BEST justification to ensure collaboration across business units?

103. Due to a recent acquisition, the security team must find a way to secure several legacy applications. During a review of the applications, the following issues are documented:

The applications are considered mission-critical.

The applications are written in code languages not currently supported by the development staff. Security updates and patches will not be made available for the applications.

Username and passwords do not meet corporate standards.

The data contained within the applications includes both PII and PHI. The applications communicate using TLS 1.0.

Only internal users access the applications.

Which of the following should be utilized to reduce the risk associated with these applications and their current architecture?

104. A new security policy states all wireless and wired authentication must include the use of certificates when connecting to internal resources within the enterprise LAN by all employees.

Which of the following should be configured to comply with the new security policy? (Choose two.)

105. A security consultant was hired to audit a company’s password are account policy. The company implements the following controls:

Minimum password length: 16 Maximum password age: 0 Minimum password age: 0 Password complexity: disabled

Store passwords in plain text: disabled Failed attempts lockout: 3

Lockout timeout: 1 hour

The password database uses salted hashes and PBKDF2. Which of the following is MOST likely to yield the greatest number of plain text passwords in the shortest amount of time?

106. As part of the asset management life cycle, a company engages a certified equipment disposal vendor to appropriately recycle and destroy company assets that are no longer in use. As part of the company’s vendor due diligence, which of the following would be MOST important to obtain from the vendor?

107. Following a complete outage of the electronic medical record system for more than 18 hours, the hospital’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has requested that the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) perform an investigation into the possibility of a disgruntled employee causing the outage maliciously. To begin the investigation, the CISO pulls all event logs and device configurations from the time of the outage. The CISO immediately notices the configuration of a top-of-rack switch from one day prior to the outage does not match the configuration that was in place at the time of the outage. However, none of the event logs show who changed the switch configuration, and seven people have the ability to change it. Because of this, the investigation is inconclusive.

Which of the following processes should be implemented to ensure this information is available for future investigations?


108. A company’s user community is being adversely affected by various types of emails whose authenticity cannot be trusted. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) must address the problem.

Which of the following solutions would BEST support trustworthy communication solutions?

109. The audit team was only provided the physical and logical addresses of the network without any type of access credentials.

Which of the following methods should the audit team use to gain initial access during the security assessment? (Choose two.)

110. A product manager is concerned about the unintentional sharing of the company’s intellectual property through employees’ use of social media. Which of the following would BEST mitigate this risk?

111. An organization is evaluating options related to moving organizational assets to a cloud-based environment using an IaaS provider. One engineer has suggested connecting a second cloud environment within the organization’s existing facilities to capitalize on available datacenter space and resources. Other project team members are concerned about such a commitment of organizational assets, and ask the Chief Security Officer (CSO) for input. The CSO explains that the project team should work with the engineer to evaluate the risks associated with using the datacenter to implement:

112. A company uses an application in its warehouse that works with several commercially available tablets and can only be accessed inside the warehouse. The support department would like the selection of tablets to be limited to three models to provide better support and ensure spares are on hand. Users often keep the tablets after they leave the department, as many of them store personal media items.

Which of the following should the security engineer recommend to meet these requirements?

113. During a recent incident, sensitive data was disclosed and subsequently destroyed through a properly secured, cloud-based storage platform. An incident response technician is working with management to

develop an after action report that conveys critical metrics regarding the incident.

Which of the following would be MOST important to senior leadership to determine the impact of the breach?

114. After an employee was terminated, the company discovered the employee still had access to emails and attached content that should have been destroyed during the off-boarding. The employee’s laptop and cell phone were confiscated and accounts were disabled promptly. Forensic investigation suggests the company’s DLP was effective, and the content in question was not sent outside of work or transferred to removable media. Personality owned devices are not permitted to access company systems or information.

Which of the following would be the MOST efficient control to prevent this from occurring in the future?

115. A cybersecurity consulting company supports a diverse customer base. Which of the following types of constraints is MOST important for the consultancy to consider when advising a regional healthcare provider versus a global conglomerate?

116. A systems administrator has deployed the latest patches for Windows-based machines. However, the users on the network are experiencing exploits from various threat actors, which the patches should have corrected.

117. A newly hired Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) wants to understand how the organization’s CIRT handles issues brought to their attention, but needs to be very cautious about impacting any systems. The MOST appropriate method to use would be:

118. A systems analyst is concerned that the current authentication system may not provide the appropriate level of security. The company has integrated WAYF within its federation system and implemented a mandatory two- step authentication system. Some accounts are still becoming compromised via phishing attacks that redirect users to a fake portal, which is automatically collecting and replaying the stolen credentials. Which of the following is a technical solution that would BEST reduce the risk of similar compromises?


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