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As organizations are predominately moving to the cloud globally, it is significantly important for cloud professionals to grab the industry-recognized and right skills to get the most out of cloud technology. The public cloud market has grown to an astonishing 33% in 2023 to total $354 billion, up from $266 billion in 2020. The statistics are a clear indication that the Cloud is the future and starting a career in it will bring you nothing but the best for you. If you want to take part in the fastest-growing technological area and want to make a better future, what is better than taking a Google Cloud certification?

In this blog, we will get to know about the worth of in-demand Google Cloud certifications, their market value, job prospects, and the salary figures of GCP-certified individuals. Let’s dig in now!

Google Cloud Certifications

Google Cloud resides in the world’s top three cloud providers with a market share of 8.5%. Google offers a wide range of certifications arranged into three levels beginner, intermediate, to advanced level. The beginner-level certification validates general cloud computing skills necessary to perform core functions. The associate-level certification covers the knowledge that goes beyond the fundamental skills and demonstrates your expertise in deploying and monitoring cloud applications. Furthermore, the professional-level GCP certifications develop the most advanced and technical aspects of knowledge required to run Google Cloud smoothly. The certification that comes under each level is given below:




Cloud Leader

Cloud Engineer

Cloud Architect

Cloud Database Engineer

Cloud Developer

Data Engineer

Cloud DevOps Engineer

Cloud Security Engineer

Cloud Network Engineer

Google Workplace Administrator

Machine Learning Engineer

The Potential Benefits of Taking a Google Cloud Certification

Google Cloud certification comes with a lot of benefits, making an innovative way to acquire the most sought-after skills. Having a certification in Google Cloud gives you an edge in developing a strong career while also aiding you in personal advancement. So, it is great to initiate a career in a top Cloud provider by gaining the most reputable skill set from various GCP certifications. However, it is not done yet; we have aligned the top points that depict the true worth of Google Cloud certification. Let’s have a look!

Growing Demand for Cloud Computing Skills

The demand for cloud computing skills is significantly increasing as cloud usage has doubled in the last decade. Cloud solutions have transformed the whole dynamics of business operations, making them more agile and steadfast. The unfaltering demand needs potential well-versed and well-equipped professionals with trending and latest cloud computing skills and Google Cloud certification unveiled native-cloud skills that are the need of today’s fast-paced technological world. 

Key Statistics: According to Cisco, 94% of the global workload will processed by cloud systems by 2024.

Bridging the Gap Between Latest Industry Practices

Undoubtedly, there is a substantial number of cloud computing professionals working out, but the need for professionals who remain current and up to date with cloud advancement is also lacking in numbers. The lack of ongoing skills increases the gap and the continuous skills gaps choke productivity that can cost you money. In today’s cloud world, cloud migration strategies tend to slant more toward deployment and maintenance instead of revolution and innovation. Google Cloud certifications are making an effort to bridge this gap.

Key Statistics: According to a report by Global Knowledge 2021, 42% of IT decision-makers reported having difficulty meeting business goals as a result of skills gaps. A report also suggested that around 60% of organizations faced revenue loss because of skills gaps.

According to Gartner, there are insufficient skills in cloud computing at the current time predicts that through 2022, skills deficient, especially in IaaS will delay the adoption of cloud solutions by two years.

Greater Productivity

When organizations are paying for a service or a cloud platform, they want to speed up transformation and make the most of their cloud investment. The Google Cloud certification helps professionals speed up technology implementation and lead to greater productivity. 

Key Statistics: Around 70% of organizations identify that certification speeds up the technology implementation and leads to increased productivity, according to a statistic in the IDC Software Partner Survey. The same report depicts that 85% of IT consultants endorse the certification representing validation of extensive product and process knowledge.

Validate Potential Skills

The certification is a way to gain industry-recognized skills and latest industry practices. The certification equips you with the skills necessary to fulfill the growing demand of business. The certification will not only assist you in advancing your career but also demonstrate your proficiency in a certain area which results in meeting the business goals effectively. That’s also one of the reasons why organizations are investing in teams. When organizations help people build innovative skills, employees stay longer with increased motivation and productivity. It results in a classic win-win situation as business value accelerates, allowing candidates to uplift their careers as well. 

Key Statistics: According to the Skills and Salary Report by Global Knowledge, 52% of IT departments need personnel with certification to meet business goals and 93% of employers believe that certification is the primary factor when looking for qualified individuals.

Foster Career Growth and Satisfaction

Certification is one way to improve client satisfaction and success as they build inherent confidence in doing well and carrying out business outcomes smoothly and efficiently. A Google Cloud certification also demonstrates a full commitment to cloud computing and you are inevitably skilled and knowledgeable as a cloud technologist. The better you are performing your job role, the better the client success rate and the better you and your satisfaction. 

Key Statistics: Certified candidates are the first step to improving client satisfaction and success. Research indicated that 600 IT consultants found that fully certified teams met 95% of their client goals. In comparison, partially certified teams had a 36% lower average net promoter score. Moreover, 70% say Google Cloud certifications helped them to grow in their job.

Greater Impact on Portfolio

The GCP platform certification enhances your professional portfolio by validating your skills, improving career prospects, and helping you stand out in the competitive job market. The certification demonstrates your dedication to ongoing learning and development in the field of cloud computing, which can be especially valuable as cloud technologies continue to play an important role in the IT industry. Moreover, employers pay attention to resumes that have certain certifications. 

Key Statistics: According to research statistics, around 65% of employers or hiring managers prefer candidates with the latest certification while hiring for a desired job role.

Increased Job Demands

The Google certifications are the ticket to endless job opportunities. You will have many lucrative career options, allowing you to fulfill your career goals. A Google Cloud certification can boost your confidence in your current role as well as when looking for new opportunities. It’s a tangible representation of your knowledge.

Key Statistics: Eighty percent of those with certification who applied for a new job received at least one job offer. One in every three Google Cloud-certified engineers received a raise or a higher-paying job.

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Boosted Market Demand for Google Cloud Certifications

GCP is one of the most used cloud platforms and the GCP skills are also highly paid. The following is a list of some of the highest-paying job titles, along with their salaries:

Salary for Skill: Google Cloud Platform

Job Titles 

Average Salary 

Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer


Data Engineer


DevOps Engineer


Site Reliability Engineer


Senior Data Engineer


Cloud Solution Architect


Lead Software Engineer


Machine Learning Engineer


Technical Architect


Data Scientist


Principle Software Engineer


Conclusion: Is Google Certification Worth It?

Google certifications hold substantial value in the ever-evolving cloud computing world. The certifications hold the potential to boost your career, validate your technical proficiency, and open the door to countless job opportunities in the tech industry. While obtaining certification may necessitate time and effort, the long-term benefits far outweigh the investment. Google Cloud certifications can provide the validation and recognition you need to thrive in the cloud computing ecosystem, whether you’re an aspiring cloud professional looking to break into the field or an experienced expert looking to solidify your skills. So, if you’re wondering whether it’s worth it to pursue Google Cloud certification, the answer is unequivocally yes!

Frequently Asked Questions

The resounding answer is yes! Google Cloud certification surely help you get a job as it is an unbiased measure that you have the technical expertise to operate and implement the Google Cloud Platform. Moreover, the certifications also validate that you have the latest skills to stand out in the competitive job market.

The average Google Cloud salary ranges between 26, 53,592 and 26, 53,592 per year for a Software Engineer in India.

It is easy to pass beginner and associate-level certifications but professional-level certifications require in-depth and rigorous preparation. If you put in continuous effort and prepare thoroughly with reliable resources, you can pass the Google certification easily. Moreover, Certspilot provides authentic and accurate exam dumps for better and more inclusive preparation.

The cost of the foundational certificate is $99, the associate cloud engineer certification is $125, and all professional certifications are $200.

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