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Certification Name Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions
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The A-Z of CertsPilot AZ-305 Exam Dumps

The “Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions Exam” is looming large over your head. There are several advantages to passing the Microsoft AZ-305 test, but taking the exam is not simple.

A reputable source of preparation is essential for passing the ?Azure Solutions Architect Expert AZ-305? test. For this exam, there are numerous online study resources available. However, not all of them guarantee your success in the AZ-305 exam on your first try.

CertsPilot is a one-stop shop for all your AZ-305 test preparation needs, including a full refund guarantee. For the AZ-305 exam preparation, CertsPilot provides two options: practice test software and PDF files. The following are some notable aspects of the CertsPilot AZ-305 practice test:

What is the Microsoft Azure-305 exam?

Creating Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions is the focus of this course. This course gets you equipped with designing capabilities, identification, administration, and tracking systems. Moreover, ?designing data storage solutions, designing business continuity, and designing infrastructure? are some of the tasks this exam tests your ability to do.

What does an Azure Solution Architect do?

An Azure Solution Architect’s duties include providing guidance to stakeholders and converting business needs into the creation of secure, scalable, and dependable cloud solutions.

Expertise: An Azure Solution Architect is responsible for advising stakeholders and transforming company needs into safe cloud solutions. To deploy Azure solutions, Azure Solution Architects work with other jobs such as developers and administrators.

What skills should I have or who should take the Microsoft AZ-305 Exam?

Expertise in creating “cloud and hybrid solutions” must be possessed by Azure Solution Architects. Because Microsoft Azure provides computing, networking, storage, and monitoring, as well as security for these applications.

IT operations expertise is required to be an Azure Solutions Architect. Everything from virtualization and identity management to disaster recovery and data platforms must be included in this. This position is responsible for overseeing the impact that individual actions have on the overall solution. Azure administration and Azure development are all common backgrounds for this position.

Necessary requirements for the AZ-305 Exam

Expert Azure administration abilities are required for this test. In addition to substantial expertise and understanding of infrastructure, virtualized technology and identity are also required. The applicant must possess extensive knowledge and expertise in the aspects of security, contingency planning, recovery plans, data platforms, financing, and administration.

An important part of this position is to keep track of how choices made in different areas influence one another. Azure administrative expertise, as well as knowledge of “Azure development and DevOps processes”, are required for this position.

The Pathway to Exam AZ-305:

Microsoft Certified: AZ-104 Exam Azure Administrator Associate

It’s recommended that you first complete the AZ-900 Exam, which serves as the foundation for certification in Azure Fundamentals.

And finally, you will earn your Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate

What are the syllabus domains and skills measured in the Microsoft AZ-305 exam?

Four sections make up this exam:

  • 25%?30% is composed of “design, identity, governance, and monitoring solutions”.
  • About 25?30% is composed of “Design Data Storage Solutions.”
  • 10%?15% is composed of “designed business continuity solutions.”
  • 10%?15% is composed of “Design Infrastructure Solutions.”

25%?30% is composed of a design, identity, governance, and monitoring solutions?

  • Create a system to record and monitor data: Providing long-term solutions and proposing a suitable number of recording and monitoring tools is part of this service.
  • Architect authentication and authorization systems: Based on position authentication and authorization, an identity management system, and a method for safeguarding identities are among the recommendations.
  • Design governance:?Solutions to enforce and audit compliance are included, as are suggestions for structuring Azure resources organizationally and hierarchically.
  • Design identities and access for applications:?“Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)” integration, application access, safe storage of credentials and classified info, and user consent solutions for specific apps are all addressed in this section.

25?30% is composed of design data storage solutions.

The process of creating a data storage solution could be broken down into the following four components.

  • A relational database storage solution should be developed:?Database scalability advice, database tier scaling options, and data encryption for storage, transfer, and usage are all included in this section.
  • Data integration should be designed:?Database scalability advice, database tier scaling options, and data encryption for storage, transfer, and usage are all included in this section.
  • Make a recommendation for a data storage solution:?Solutions for relational data, semi-structured data, and non-relational data are all included in this section.
  • Construct a non-relational data storage system:?Solutions for access control and data storage are among the recommendations made in this process. Data protection is also a consideration, as is ensuring data longevity.

10%?15% is composed of Design Business Continuity Solutions

The following are the two sub-sections of this section:

  • Create a plan for data backup and recovery in the event of a catastrophe:?Included in this section of the guide is a list of suggestions for recovery solutions that may be used for both on-premises and cloud-based workloads. It also contains suggestions for computer, database, and unstructured data backup and recovery methods.
  • Designed to be very accessible:?Azure resource availability criteria are part of this process. There are suggestions for both relational and non-relational data storage in this document.

10%?15% is composed of Design Infrastructure Solutions.

Four sections make up Design Infrastructure Solutions.

  • Properly implement a computing solution:?Subdomains in this area include a virtual machine, workload, container, and server-less suggestion of a computing solution.
  • Create a framework for your application:?It recommends cache solutions for “apps, messaging and event-driven architecture, automated deployment solutions, solutions for configuration management, and API integration.”
  • Designed Migrations:?Azure, servers, and data transfer solutions supporting the “Cloud Adoption Framework” are all part of the process.
  • Design network solutions:?It offers guidance on how to keep Azure’s network and on-premises connections safe. In addition, security system, bandwidth allocation, and routing are all addressed, as is optimizing network performance for applications.

Resource: Microsoft AZ-305 Offical Docs

The Updated AZ-305 Exam Details

People who want to become Azure Solutions Architect Experts should take AZ-305, which is for that goal. The exam pattern details are:

  • Total questions: 40-60.
  • The total time allowed: is 85 minutes.
  • Preferred Language: English.
  • Minimum Passing Score: 700
  • The AZ-305 Exam Registration Fee is USD 165.

The Benefits of Choosing CertsPilot for AZ-305 Exam Prep

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A PDF file of the Microsoft AZ-305 test dumps is indeed available from CertsPilot. The AZ-305 test questions are available in a PDF format that can be downloaded and used on any smart device. To view or download the ?Azure Solutions Architect Expert AZ-305 pdf dumps? on your desktop PC or laptop, as well as on your tablet or smartphone.

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Questions and Answers for AZ-305 Exam Currently Focused in 2022

AZ-305 test questions and answers are included in the CertsPilot Azure Solutions Architect Specialist exam pdf. ?Designing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions Test AZ-305 exam? questions and answers cover all of the AZ-305 exam’s subjects.

These exam questions and answers can ensure your success if you study them thoroughly. To pass the AZ-305 test with flying colors, you just need our AZ-305 exam dumps.

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Final Words for AZ-305 Exam

Knowing the detailed description for the exam and what our CertsPilot exam dumps can provide you, will definitely get you confident to go for the exam.

It might not be a simple exam like others but with the right preparatory material, one can do wonders. We have got your back with all the options you need.

Frequently Asked Questions for the AZ-305 Exam

Where can I get the latest AZ-305 dumps?

CertsPilot is the best site to get the most recent AZ-305 exam dumps. The CertsPilot AZ-305 test dumps from CertsPilot cover every topic on the exam curriculum. Experts review and certify the PDF dumps, so you can be certain that you’re getting the most up-to-date information.

What is the difference between AZ-304 and AZ-305?

The Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification requires passing both tests AZ-305 or AZ-304 in addition to AZ-303 to be obtained.

What is AZ-305?

To get the ?Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification?, a candidate must pass both AZ-305 and AZ-303.

Is AZ 305 difficult?

There is a lengthy list of abilities and information necessary for the AZ-305 exam, but passing it is not impossible. CertsPilot test dumps cover the whole course in great depth. Using CertsPilot AZ-305 exam questions and answers ensures your success on the AZ-305 test.

What is the difference between AZ-303 and AZ-305?

Two IT certification examinations are required to get the ?Azure Solutions Architect Expert credential: AZ-303 and AZ-305?. The applicant must pass both of these tests since they are not elective. A reminder that on March 31, 2022, the AzTest AZ-303 and AzTest AZ-304 will no longer be offered. In the wake of passing Exam AZ-305, you are now a Microsoft Certified: Azure Expert.

How long is the AZ 305 exam?

There are 40?60 questions on the AZ-305 test, and you get 85 minutes to do it.

What is the passing score for AZ 305?

The AZ-305 test has a set passing score of 700, which you can easily get if you utilize our CertsPilot AZ-305 exam dumps. These real AZ-305 dumps include the examination questions and cover the whole curriculum for you.

How do you become an Azure solution architect?

BSc in computer science or software engineering is often essential for solution architects to enter the field. Systems architecture requires a master’s degree or a specialty. Azure Fundamentals, Azure Administrator Associate, and ?Azure Solutions Architect Expert? are some of the Microsoft Azure Certifications.

Are ?AZ-303 and AZ-304? retired exams?

Yes! Two tests were withdrawn on March 20, 2022, and one examination for the AZ-305 exam was issued instead. For the same certificate, you’ll now need to pass the AZ-305 Exam.


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