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Certification Name ?Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst
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All you Need to Know about Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst PL-300 Exam Dumps

Certspilot now has the best ?PL-300 Power BI Data Analyst certification exam Pdf Dumps?. You can easily find the appropriate Microsoft PL-300 exam questions and pdf dumps at?Certspilot?that include all the necessary components to clear the PL-300 Exam.

We have created the best Microsoft PL-300 exam pdf that comprehensively covers all the information required to clear the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst PL-300 Exam. These Microsoft PL-300 exam dumps will undoubtedly be beneficial for the candidate to pass and succeed!

PL-300 Exam Overview

Most questions on this exam are multiple-choice, but you may also encounter create a tree, sort, or simulate difficulties. In addition, the exam price is USD 165, and completing with a mark of 70%?is necessary. Microsoft, on the other hand, does not disclose the exam’s time limit. Here are the specifics in bullet points:

  • Name of the Certification: Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst
  • Format of the Exam: Multiple-choice and Multiple response questions
  • Name of the Exam: Microsoft PL-300
  • Exam Fee: USD 165.00
  • Expected number of questions: 40 ? 60 Questions
  • Time Duration of Exam: 180 Minutes
  • Exam offered Languages: English, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified), and Korean

Intended Audience for Microsoft PL-300 Exam

Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Training may help a wide range of professions, including but not limited to:

  • Reviewers and analysts of data.
  • Managers of computer systems (IT).
  • Experts in the use of Power BI. Data scientists and researchers.
  • Data Management for Professionals Who Make Decisions
  • People that are interested in learning more about Microsoft Power BI.
  • Candidates for the Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst certification PL-300.

Prerequisites for Microsoft PL-300 Exam

Microsoft PL-300 Exam Course Outline

Data Preparations (15-20%)

Gather information from many sources.

  • find a database and register to it.
  • changing the source of data.
  • You may either use a common dataset or create a new one from scratch.
  • Then choose the collecting mode.
  • Microsoft Dataverse may be used.
  • To change the variables of an idiom, use an expression.
  • Join the flow of information.

Organizing, clearing, and importing the data is the last step.

  • The processing of the data into profiles.
  • Take care of inconsistencies, oddities or blanks, and issues with data quality.
  • Identify and assemble the most appropriate keys to connect.
  • Column data must be analyzed and converted.
  • Re-shaping tables is an option.
  • Query aggregation.
  • The titles of your columns and queries should be simple to recall.
  • The loading of data may be customized.
  • The data import should be fixed if there are any issues.

Data Modeling (30?35%)

Your data should be represented in a logical way.

  • Provide details on the table columns.
  • Adjust the parameters for the tables and the columns individually.
  • Role-playing components should be developed and put to use.
  • a description of the cardinality of a connection as well as its cross-filtering direction.
  • Your data model should take use of the star schema.
  • Build a date table for all of your projects.

Data modeling must be performed at some point in the process.

  • To begin, create a set of calculated tables.
  • erect a tier system.
  • Table containing calculated rows should be built up.
  • At the row level, define security duties. Use the Q&A section to your advantage.

Compiling a model should be done using DAX.

  • It is possible to create basic measurements using DAX’s help.
  • CALCULATE may be used to change the filters.
  • Time Intelligence may be implemented using DAX.
  • Explore fundamental statistical concepts.
  • The creation of a semi-additive metric is possible.
  • proceed with haste.

Boost the model’s performance.

  • Remove unnecessary rows and columns.
  • Look for problems with your measurements, connections, and photographs.
  • reduce cardinality to improve performance

Data Visualization and Analysis (25?30%)

The Making of Documents

  • Reports should contain illustrations.
  • Decide on a visual representation that best suits your needs.
  • There are several methods to structure and design visualizations.
  • Make a visual representation of your idea.
  • Create a graphic. Make changes to the theme.
  • This method may be used to set up conditional formatting.
  • The method of cutting and sorting should be used instead.
  • The report’s official website may be customized.
  • When using Excel’s Analyze option, make use of this feature.
  • A paginated report may be used if necessary.

Dashboard creation

  • Tiles may be seen and customized through a dashboard.
  • It is possible to customize the mobile view.
  • Use the opportunity to ask and answer questions that are provided.
  • It is now possible for a dashboard to show the results of a fast insight query.
  • It is possible to apply a dashboard theme.
  • Mark a dashboard’s location on the live report page so that it may be accessed quickly and easily.

Improve the narrative and efficacy of reporting.

  • Create bookmarks that reflect your own preferences.
  • Alternatively, you may create your tooltips yourself.
  • Graphical encounters may be altered and customized.
  • Set up the navigation for a report.
  • Sort using Sort Sync.
  • Slicers need to be set up. Graphics may be arranged and layered in the selection pane.
  • By using visuals that can be interacted with, data exploration is made feasible.
  • It is possible to export the report’s data.
  • Create reports that are easy to read on a smartphone or tablet.

Observation of regularities

  • Evaluate your data using Power BI.
  • Anomalies may be found. Use nominal or ordinal axes depending on the data you’re analyzing.
  • The following methods may be used as the last step: Using AI images to improve the user’s experience is one option.
  • You may make advantage of the Forecast tool.
  • The Analytics panel may be used to produce reference lines.

Asset Deployment and Maintenance (20?25%)

Keep tabs on all of your digital assets.

  • Decide whether or not a gateway is required. An update strategy should be put in place. Line security company participation may be configured. Provide public access to datasets. Manage the preferences for the global settings of the files.

In order to set up the workspaces

  • Desk design and construction.
  • Workplace roles should be clearly defined.
  • A workplace app must be set up and maintained.
  • A workspace may publish, import, or update assets.
  • Make sure all of the information in your workstation is clearly marked with cautionary labels.
  • It is possible to set up data memberships and alerts as well.
  • It is up to you whether or not to make power bi-material public knowledge.

Resource: Microsoft PL-300 Official Docs

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Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst (PL-300) is a data analyst who uses easily accessible data and domain expertise to provide relevant insights. A Power BI data analyst can uncover business requirements while also cleaning and converting data with the support of key stakeholders from a number of industries.

A Power BI analyst is tasked with creating data visualizations that are easy to understand. To allow people to do their own self-service assessments and acquire and set up business solutions. In order to pass this test, candidates must be conversant with Power Query and DAX expressions.

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“Microsoft Power Bi Specialists” in the U. S. make around USD 63,086 and USD 71,802 annually, with a median salary of USD 67,450. This range accounts for a total annual income of USD 63,450. Power BI specialists make an average salary of USD 63,086, while those in the top 75% earn USD 86,162 on average.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get the dumps which will? ?help with studying for the PL-300 exam?

If you want to prepare for the PL-300 exam using genuine exam questions and answers, go no further than Certspilot. Specialists in the field have worked hard to provide these best pdf exam dumps, which will help you pass the PL-300 examination with flying colors.

Is Microsoft PL-300 certification worth it?

If you’re looking to advance your career as a data analyst, earning the Microsoft certification may be an excellent choice. The price is $165 USD and you have 100 minutes to complete between 40 and 60 questions. The Power BI Data Analyst Associate Certification unifies all of the skills and expertise required by today’s data analysts, it is likely to be signed soon.

What is the PL-300 exam?

The objective of PL-300 exam is to assess your ability to carry out the following technical duties: prepare data; model data; visualize and analyze data; and deploy and maintain assets.

Why does PL-300 exam is necessary?

To become a certified Power BI Data Analyst Associate, you must complete the Pl-300 exam.

Is the PL-300 test difficult?

The PL-300 exam is tough to pass because of its wide content. Certspilot has made it easy for candidates to prepare for the exam even before the examination is issued. You can be certain that using Certspilot PL-300 dumps will help you pass your exam the first time around.

Where can I find dumps for PL-300 exam??

You can find best pdf exam dumps for PL-300 exam on Certspilot. These are tried and tested, authentic and up to dated pdf exam dumps.?

How much does the PL-300 test cost?

You will be required to pay a fee of 165 US Dollars in order to take the PL-300 examination.

How do I retake a PL 300 exam?

The candidate can reschedule the exam by using their certificate dashboard. A candidate is only allowed to reappear for the examination five times before failing permanently. If you fail your second attempt, you will have to wait 14 days before being able to reschedule your third attempt. The fourth and fifth tries will also come with a 14-day waiting period attached.

Which exam is replaced by PL-300?

The PL-300 examination, which was scheduled to be made available on February 28, 2022, took the place of the DA-100 test in 2022.

Updated Microsoft PL-300 Practice Exam Questions?

1. You need to create a calculated column to display the month based on the reporting requirements. Which dax expression should you use?

A. Format(‘date'[date], “mmm yyyy”)
B. Format(‘date’ [date], “myy”)
C. Format(‘date'[date_id], “mmm”) & “” & format(‘date'[year], “#”)
D. Format(‘date’ [date_id], “mmmyyyy”)


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