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A Synopsis of ARA-C01 Exam 

  • Exam Version: ARA-C01
  • Total Number of Questions: 65
  • Question Types: Multiple Select, Multiple Choice
  • Time Limit: 115 minutes
  • Language: English
  • Registration fee: $375 USD
  • Passing Score: 750 + Scaled Scoring from 0 – 1000
  • Unscored Content: Exams may include unscored items to gather statistical information for future use. These items are not identified on the form and do not impact your score, and additional time is factored into account for this content.
  • Prerequisites: SnowPro Core Certified

Delivery Options:

  • Online Proctoring
  • Onsite Testing Centers

A Complete Overview of Course Domains 

Domain 1.0: Accounts and Security

1.1 Design a Snowflake account and database strategy, based on business requirements.
1.2 Design an architecture that meets data security, privacy, compliance, and governance requirements.
1.3 Outline Snowflake security principles and identify use cases where they should be applied.

Domain 2.0: Snowflake Architecture

2.1 Outline the benefits and limitations of various data models in a Snowflake environment.
2.2 Design data sharing solutions, based on different use cases.
2.3 Create architecture solutions that support Development Lifecycles as well as workload requirements.
2.4 Given a scenario, outline how objects exist within the Snowflake Object hierarchy and how the hierarchy impacts an architecture.
2.5 Determine the appropriate data recovery solution in Snowflake and how data can be restored.

Domain 3.0: Data Engineering

3.1 Determine the appropriate data loading or data unloading solution to meet business needs.
3.2 Outline key tools in Snowflake’s ecosystem and how they interact with Snowflake.
3.3 Determine the appropriate data transformation solution to meet business needs.

Domain 4.0: Performance Optimization

4.1 Outline performance tools, best practices, and appropriate scenarios where they should be applied.
4.2 Troubleshoot performance issues with existing architectures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ARA-C01 exam?

The ARA-C01 exam is tailored for individuals aspiring to pursue a career as Advanced Architect. It equips candidates with the latest techniques and skills to work on solutions architects on Snowflake. 

How challenging is the ARA-C01 exam?

The difficulty of the ARA-C01 exam lies in its comprehensive testing of data science skills. Mastery of all requisite concepts is crucial. Given the breadth of the course content, cracking the exam can be formidable.

What’s the typical preparation time for the ARA-C01 exam?

Preparation duration varies based on individual aptitude. Generally, it takes about a month to adequately prepare for the ARA-C01 exam. Candidates with prior experience may require less time.

Who is eligible to take the ARA-C01 exam?

While there are no strict prerequisites, candidates are advised to have at least two years of practical experience in a relevant role. This experience facilitates easier comprehension of the concepts covered in the exam. Experience in the production environment together with a strong grip in the SQL and ELT is a plus point. 

Does the ARA-C01 certification expire?

Yes, the ARA-C01 certification remains valid for two years. Recertification through subsequent exams is necessary to maintain certification status.

Is pursuing the ARA-C01 certification worthwhile?

Absolutely. The ARA-C01 certification, recognized within the industry, enhances job prospects and potentially secures a lucrative salary. It’s particularly beneficial for individuals seeking to refine their data security skills at a professional level.

What are the limits on exam attempts for ARA-C01?

Candidates are permitted to take up to four exam attempts within a 12-month period. Each attempt requires payment of the associated fee.

What are the recommended study materials for the ARA-C01 exam?

Various courses are available for ARA-C01 exam preparation, with practice questions being particularly helpful for understanding the exam format. Certspilot offers reliable and authentic exam practice questions.

How can one obtain the Certspilot ARA-C01 dumps?

To access the ARA-C01 exam dumps from Certspilot, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the official Certspilot site
  2. Search the ARA-C01 exam and add it to the cart. 
  3. Fill in the required details on the form. 
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