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Excel In Your SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer Exam With Certspilot’s Latest Dumps 

Are you prepping for your SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer certification exam and in search of a resource that will give you the boost you require to not jump over the passing line but excel in it completely? Well, you’ve landed in the right place. The SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer exam is no easy feat to accomplish and the exam can be challenging to pass on the first attempt due to the advanced nature of the certification exam. 

However, Certspilot has compiled top-quality exam dumps in collaboration with experts which include a comprehensive set of practice sample questions covering all the different areas of the exam, allowing you to improve your exam preparation and readiness. 

What Is the SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer Certification Exam?

The SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer certification, offered by one of the leading giants in the cloud computing space today, Snowflake, is considered an essential tool for individuals to have in their arsenal when pursuing a career as a data engineer in the Salesforce ecosystem. 

The certification exam aims to assess candidates’ ability to apply advanced knowledge and skills relating to comprehensive data engineering principles with Snowflake. The certification exam will be testing the proficiency of an individual to:

  • Source data from Data Lakes, APIs, and on-premises
  • Transform, replicate, and share data across cloud platforms
  • Design end-to-end near real-time streams
  • Design scalable compute solutions for Data Engineer workloads
  • Evaluate performance metrics

A Brief Look At The Exam Structure

An essential part of understanding the exam and its demands is getting a good idea of the exam structure. Hence, it is crucial to be aware of all the basic exam details before moving forward with your preparation. We have summarized it all in the table as follows:

Exam Name  SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer 
Exam Code  DEA-C01 
Exam Format  Multiple Select, Multiple Choice
No. Of Questions  65 Questions 
Exam Duration  115 Minutes 
Passing Score  750 + Scaled Scoring from 0 – 1000
Language  English

Key Exam Domain For The DEA-C01

This allows you to get a better idea of the approach to take when preparing for the exam 

  • Data Movement (25 – 30%)
  • Performance Optimization (20 – 25%)
  • Storage and Data Protection (10 – 15%)
  • Security (10 – 15%)
  • Data Transformation (25 – 30%)  

Cost Of The Exam

The registration cost of the SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer (DEA-C01) is $375.

Prerequisites For The Exam 

There is a prerequisite that has been specified for the SnowPro Data Engineer exam. Candidates are required to attempt and pass the SnowPro Core certification exam before registering for this exam. 

In addition, it is recommended that individuals have 2 or more years of hands-on experience as a Snowflake Practitioner experience in a data engineering role before registering and attempting this exam. 

Target Audience

The Snowflake SnowPro Advanced Data Engineering certification is targeted at individuals and professionals looking to pursue a career as a data engineer or software engineer in the Snowflake ecosystem. 

Why Opt for Certspilot?

Certspilot transcends its role as a mere provider of exam dumps; we position ourselves as your dedicated partners in achieving success. Rooted in authenticity, continuous improvement, security, flexibility, affordability, and risk mitigation, Certspilot stands as the comprehensive solution for mastering the SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer (DEA-C01) certification with confidence and assurance.

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100% Authentic Exam Questions

Certspilot’s dedication to authenticity guarantees that our practice questions accurately mirror the intricacies and format of the SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer (DEA-C01) certification exam. Practicing with real exam questions not only imparts a profound understanding of the subject matter but also acquaints you with the intricacies and challenges awaiting you on the actual exam day.

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Regular Updates Every 90 Days

Acknowledging the ever-evolving tools and techniques in the IT space for uncovering, interpreting, and managing data, Certspilot recognizes the necessity of staying current. Snowflake consistently updates its certifications and the covered content, including the SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer certification.

Therefore, remaining up-to-date is imperative for success. Certspilot aligns its resources with the latest trends and changes in the SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer certification through regular updates occurring every 90 days. This ensures that your preparation is consistently in sync with industry advancements, allowing you to approach the exam with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is the SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer (DEA-C01) certification exam?

The SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer (DEA-C01) certification is offered by Snowflake In., and tests advanced knowledge and skills in the application of comprehensive data engineering principles using Snowflake. This involves areas such as data movement, performance optimization, security, storage and protection, and data transformation.

Is the SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer (DEA-C01) worth it?

Absolutely! Snowflake’s SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer validates your knowledge and skills as a Data Engineer in the Snowflake ecosystem. This is also a globally recognized certification which means you will have industry recognition worldwide. This will help boost your career prospects as well and even allow you to potentially negotiate for a better salary package. 

What is the cost of the SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer (DEA-C01) exam?

The cost for the SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer (DEA-C01) certification exam is a registration fee of $375. 

Are there any prerequisites for the SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer (DEA-C01)?

Yes! Candidates are expected to attempt and pass their SnowPro Core Certified exam before applying for their SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer exam. 

What is the passing score for the SnowPro Advanced Data Engineering (DEA-C01) certification exam? 

The passing score for the SnowPro Advanced Data Engineering (DEA-C01) exam is 750. 

How long is the SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer (DEA-C01) exam? 

The SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer (DEA-C01) certification exam is about 115 minutes long. 

How difficult is the SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer (DEA-C01) exam? 

The SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer (DEA-C01) tests advanced knowledge and skills related to comprehensive data engineering principles. This requires a deeper knowledge and as a result, some areas of the exam can be tricky to get right. However, with proper preparation and sufficient practice, you can attempt even the most complex questions as long as you ensure you have a good understanding of all the different areas and topics to be tested in the exam. 

How can I prepare for the SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer ( DEA-C01) certification exam?

The ideal way to prepare for your SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer (DEA-C01) certification exam is to use a combination of hands-on experience, instructor-led training, and the utilization of self-study assets. The purpose is to make sure you have a good, deep understanding of the major exam areas. Another crucial aspect of exam preparation is to practice to reinforce your theoretical knowledge and more effective preparation. Certspilot’s DEA-C01 dumps are the ideal practice resource to help you achieve this. 

Is there a limit on how many times someone can fail the DEA-C01 exam?

Yes. There is a limit of 4 attempts in a 12 month period. Candidates have 3 attempts that they can take. However, if they are still unable to pass the exam, it is recommended that they attend one of the onsite Snowflake training courses. 

Where can I get reliable exam dumps for the SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer (DEA-C01) exam?

Certspilot! You can get reliable and real sample exam questions for your SnowPro Advanced Data Engineer (DEA-C01) certification exam at Certspilot. These questions have been compiled together by experts in the field and you can purchase them at affordable prices. 


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