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Pass Your SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist Certification With Certspilot’s Premium DSA -C02 Exam Dumps 2024

The Snowflake SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist certification is becoming even more important with the rising demand for data scientists in today’s digital world where data is considered king. This certification evidences your proficiency in comprehensive data science principles, tools, and methodologies within the Snowflake environment. Aspiring individuals recognize the significance of this certification for advancing their careers in a data-driven world. However, the path to success in the DSA-C02 exam is riddled with challenges that demand thorough preparation.

Certspilot understands the hurdles candidates face in conquering the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist certification exam and is here to transform your preparation journey. Our exam dumps serve as a strategic ally, providing a reliable and effective practice resource to enhance your chances of success in the exam, and that too, on the first attempt! 

What is the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist (DSA-C02) Certification Exam? 

Snowflake’s SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist certification exam aims to test advanced knowledge and skills that are required for the proficient application of comprehensive data science principles, tools, and methodologies using Snowflake. In addition, you will be tested on how to: 

  • Outline data science concepts
  • Implement Snowflake data science best practices
  • Prepare data and feature engineering in Snowflake
  • Train and use machine learning models
  • Use data visualization to present a business case (e.g., model explainability)
  • Implement model lifecycle management

As organizations increasingly rely on Snowflake’s powerful data warehousing capabilities, professionals with the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist certification are uniquely positioned to leverage their advanced knowledge and skills for solving complex data challenges. This certification not only validates your proficiency but also opens doors to exciting career opportunities in a competitive space.

A Glimpse At The Exam Structure

An important aspect of the exam preparation process is to get a good understanding of the exam structure as it helps you understand the exam better. Hence, here are the vital exam structure details you should be aware of: 

Exam Name  SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist 
Exam Code  DSA-C02 
Exam Format  Multiple Select, Multiple Choice
No. Of Questions  65 Questions 
Exam Duration  115 minutes
Passing Score  750 (Scaled Scoring from 0 – 1000)
Language  English

Key Exam Domains:

In order for effective practice, it is essential to be aware of all the major exam areas so that when you’re practicing questions, you know you’re covering and targeting all the key domains as you move along with your preparation. Therefore, here are all major 5 key areas of the DSA-C02 exam:

Exam Domain

Weightage In the Exam 

Data Science Concepts 15-20%
Data Pipelining 15-20%
Data Preparation and Feature Engineering 30-35%
Model Development 15-20%
Model Deployment 15-20%

Cost Of The DSA-C02 Exam

The cost for the Snowflake SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist certification exam is $375 USD. 


The SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist (DSA-C02) certification exam does have a prerequisite. Candidates hoping to appear in this exam must first clear their SnowPro Core Certified certification exam.  

In addition, it is recommended that candidates have 2+ years of practical data science experience with Snowflake, in an enterprise environment. Furthermore, successful candidates may have:

  • A statistical, mathematical, or science education (or equivalent work experience)
  • Background working with one or more of the following programming languages (e.g., Python, R, SQL, PySpark, etc.)
  • Experience modeling and using machine learning platforms (e.g., SageMaker, Azure Machine Learning, GCP AI platform, AutoML tools, etc.)
  • An understanding of various open source and commercial frameworks and libraries (e.g., scikit-learn, TensorFlow, etc. )
  • Experience preparing, cleaning, and transforming data sets from multiple sources
  • Experience creating features for machine learning training
  • Experience validating and interpreting models
  • Experience putting a model into production and monitoring the model in production
  • Experience presenting data using visualization tools99

Target Audience 

The SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist certification is ideal for individuals looking to pursue a career as a data scientist or AI/ML engineer.

Certspilot’s Solution – Elevate Your Preparation with Our Exam Dumps

While the benefits of earning the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist certification are undeniable, the path to achieving it is not without its obstacles. The DSA-C02 exam rigorously evaluates your ability to apply data science concepts within the Snowflake environment, demanding a deep understanding of the intricacies involved. Many aspiring candidates find the exam challenging, and the fear of failure can be a significant deterrent.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive and effective study aid, Certspilot has compiled exam dumps specifically tailored for the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist (DSA-C02) certification. Our practice questions are designed to simulate the real exam environment, providing you with hands-on experience and confidence to tackle even the most complex scenarios. In addition, we are always ready to facilitate our customers with any issues or problems they may face or questions they may have since we prioritize customer satisfaction always! 

Why Choose Certspilot?

Certspilot goes beyond being a provider of exam dumps; we are your partners in success. Offering authenticity, continuous improvement, security, flexibility, affordability, and risk mitigation, Certspilot is your one-stop solution for conquering the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist (DSA-C02) certification with confidence and assurance.

Here is a glimpse of some of the distinctive features Certspilot offers in order to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level:

100% Real Exam Questions

Certspilot’s commitment to authenticity ensures that our practice questions accurately reflect the complexity and format of the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist (DSA-C02) certification exam. By practicing with real exam questions, you not only gain a deep understanding of the subject matter but also familiarize yourself with the complexities and challenges you’ll encounter on exam day.

Our exam questions are completely real, compiled, and added into the dumps under the supervision of experts in the field. Not only that but the answers accompanied with each question are actually verified as well to ensure you get the most true and authentic preparation experience. 

Regular Updates Every 90 Days

Let’s face it. Tools and techniques to uncover, interpret, and manage data are constantly changing as the IT space undergoes consistent change. Snowflake, as a result constantly updates its certifications and the content it covers, including the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist certification. 

Hence, in order to succeed, staying current is non-negotiable. Certspilot understands the importance of aligning our resources with the latest trends and changes in the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist certification. With regular updates over a generous 90-day period, you can confidently approach the exam, knowing that your preparation is always in sync with industry advancements.

Security and Privacy Maintained

Your data and success are paramount at Certspilot. Our commitment to security and privacy ensures that your personal information is handled with the utmost care. We have integrated McAfee Security onto our site and ensure that we only use the most trustworthy payment methods such as PayPal or Stripe Gateway. 

Therefore, you can focus entirely on your exam preparation, trusting that Certspilot prioritizes the confidentiality and security of your data throughout your certification journey.

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The best part? You don’t need to commit. If you, for some reason are not satisfied with the quality or content of the sample provided to you, you can choose to forgo your purchase without any financial repercussions. 

Quality At Reasonable Prices

Certspilot is dedicated to making top-notch exam preparation accessible to everyone. Our reasonably priced exam dumps strike the perfect balance between affordability and quality. Invest in your future without compromising on the depth and effectiveness of your preparation, ensuring that excellence is within reach for all aspiring data scientists.

We understand that not all our customers come from the same financial background or stability and hence, have tried to keep our prices as reasonable as possible 

Effective Refund Policy

We have unwavering confidence in the effectiveness of our exam dumps. Certspilot’s effective refund policy shows our commitment to your success. If, by rare chance, you don’t find our resources beneficial, we offer a risk-free refund policy. Your investment in Certspilot is not just a commitment to excellence but also a risk-free step towards achieving your certification goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist (DSA-C02) certification?

The SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist certification validates advanced proficiency in applying comprehensive data science principles using Snowflake’s tools and methodologies. It’s a sought-after credential for data professionals aiming to excel in the field.

Why is the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist (DSA-C02)  exam challenging?

The exam is challenging due to its emphasis on practical application, testing candidates on their ability to use Snowflake effectively. It requires a deep understanding of data science principles and the capability to apply them in real-world scenarios.

What is the cost of the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist (DSA-C02) exam?

The registration fee for the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist (DSA-C02) exam is $375 USD. 

What does the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist (DSA-C02) exam cover?

The exam covers a wide range of topics, including advanced data science concepts, Snowflake tools, and practical application of data science principles in a Snowflake environment.

Why is the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist (DSA-C02) certification important?

This certification is crucial for individuals seeking advanced proficiency in data science and Snowflake. It enhances career opportunities by showcasing expertise in applying data science principles in real-world scenarios.

Are there any prerequisites for the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist (DSA-C02) exam?

Yes! Candidates are required to first complete the SnowPro Core Certified certification before attempting the DSA-C02 exam. 

How can Certspilot’s exam dumps help in preparation?

Certspilot’s exam dumps provide a realistic simulation of the actual exam, allowing candidates to practice under exam conditions. They cover a broad spectrum of topics, helping individuals understand and navigate the complexity of the SnowPro Advanced Data Scientist certification.

Can I try Certspilot’s exam dumps before purchasing?

Absolutely! Certspilot offers free PDF demos that allow you to explore sample questions and experience the quality of our exam dumps before making a commitment.

Is there a refund policy for Certspilot’s exam dumps?

Yes, Certspilot provides an effective refund policy. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our exam dumps, we offer a risk-free refund to ensure your investment is protected.


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